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Old Posted Jun 4, 2017, 5:16 AM
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LandTrades Maurishka Palace, Kadri Kambla
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Old Posted Jun 5, 2017, 4:11 PM
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Mangaluru: Barge made to sink to claim insurance?

Hope fuel and all other hazardous chemicals will be removed before the barge sinks. And also wish that marine life flourishes on sunken barge free of hazardous chemicals.

Mangaluru: Sinking vessel: Stormy sea stalls defueling efforts
Ullal: Capsized barge sinks into Mangalore sea, gives rise to oil spill scare

Even after 55 days, barge not removed, fishermen worried

If it can't be removed then drag it to a safe place and dump after removing all hazardous chemicals. By the way, what happened to the government India plan of dumping aircraft carrier?


Beary Bhavan planned at Rs 7 cr


Go Green! SunStar Solar Solutions Install Solar Rooftop Power Plant At Mt Carmel
ULBs in Dakshina Kannada district all set to earn status of open defecation free areas


‘Canopy’-Expansion (Construction of additional one floor) of residential project (2B+GF+17F+Terrace)
"Value Nest"- Construction of Residential Apartment (GF+12F x 6)


115 villages in Mescom limits to be made model electrified villages


World's safest cities: Mangalore has taken the 33rd spot

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Old Posted Jun 8, 2017, 3:56 AM
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Startup Kudla: Education, Research & Innovations

Minister tells MP to submit proposal for NIELIT
Union Minister of State for Law and Justice, Electronics and Information Technology P P Choudhary told MP Nalin Kumar Kateel to submit a proposal on setting up a National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) Centre in Mangaluru.

Speaking at a programme to mark three years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s at the Centre here on Wednesday, he said that if the MP moots the proposal, the ministry will consider it on priority basis. Such a centre is required for a city like Mangaluru which is considered as the educational hub of the country, he said.

He said the Union government wants to set up NIELIT in each state. Some states have more than one such centres while others do not have one. The NIELIT is engaged both in formal and non-formal education in the area of Information, Electronics and Communication Technology (IECT), besides development of industry-oriented quality education and training programmes in the state-of-the-art areas. There are 36 NIELIT centres in the country, he added.

Choudhary said if the MP submits a proposal on IT Park in Mangaluru, the ministry will consider it positively. IT hub should come up in a city like Mangaluru. Also, the Software Technology Park in Mangaluru will be strengthened, he said.
Good that Mangaluru MP did not discuss about 'Medical Electronics Park' in Mangaluru. Now chances are high that PM himself will act in response to posts here on this matter.

Let us hope that NIELIT, Mangaluru will have 'Centre of Excellence for Medical Electronics' & 'Centre of Excellence for Health Informatics'. (All other facilities needed are listed against each NIELIT centres in website itself.)

Whether NIELIT will be coming up in Kunjathbail Health City (assuming that it will focus on health sector)? Apart from AA Shetty institutes what are other plan for this health city? Even 'Medical Electronics Park' can be located here depending upon land requirements.

Manipal top among private Indian Universities in QS World Rankings

M'luru: SJEC receives life membership of Institution of Engineers, India
Mangaluru: SJEC conference on Smart Computing stresses on innovation

Jackfruit seed pickle a new value addition
Mr. Padre said that like the jackfruit seed pickle introduced in the festival, the potential for making more products from the jackfruit seed and its powder should be explored.


He urged researchers to conduct research on the medicinal properties of jackfruit. It would help growers and marketers immensely.
How much 'recchevu' is grown in the region? What is its food value and what can be done with it?

Mangaluru: St Aloysius College ranked 23 among best science colleges in India
Mangaluru, 10 Jun 2017: St Aloysius College (Autonomous), here, in yet another achievement in its many distinctions, has been ranked 23 among the ‘Best Science Colleges in India’ by The Week-Hansa research study at All India level. At the state level, the college is in the 4th position. The Week magazine is conducting the research study on colleges in the last five years on an annual basis and St Aloysius has achieved the rank consistently. In fact, it has improved its ranking to 23 from 24 in the previous year.
'City of the Young': Developing Mangaluru into world-class study space
'City of the Young' Part II: Building a world-class University City
Today, Mangaluru city boasts of 3 universities in close proximity to each other – Mangalore University, Yenepoya University, and NITTE University. On the outskirts is located the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, designated as a National Institute of Importance by government of India. About 61 kilometers away in Manipal is situated the Manipal University. Thus in a small geographical radius there are 5 major universities and innumerable schools and colleges of repute. I would prefer to call this area as the ‘Education Pentagon’ because of the above 5 great institutions functioning in DK District and Udupi District. UK has its Golden Triangle of Oxford, Cambridge, and London universities. Let Mangaluru also boast about its ‘Education Pentagon’.
Unfortunately, Indian universities are just ‘Teaching universities’ focused only on marks, whereas what we need is ‘Research Universities’. The ‘Education Pentagon’ of Mangaluru should be developed into a ‘ Big Science Facility’, as in China, comprising of facilities like Supercomputing Core Lab, Six sided Virtual Reality Facility that can turn data into 3D structures, Imaging and Characterization Lab, Propulsion and Combustion Engineering Lab, Aerodynamics & Fluid Mechanics Lab, Center for Integrated Turbulence Simulation, Hypersonic and Computational Aerodynamics Center, High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Synchrotron Radiation Facility and many more. The ‘Education Pentagon’ in Mangaluru should become the epicenter of India’s future scientific progress. The task, no doubt, is uphill but with co-operation from all Mangloreans it can become a reality.
Most of the Labs mentioned are in Aerospace domain. Would be good for increasing floating student population. (that is what meant by 'City of the Young'). But once students complete education including Ph.D. programmes they will move to other cities which are dominating Aerospace domain which are currently huge mega cities (Belgaum & Dharwad are in better position to take on those cities in Aerospace and Defense domains and let us leave it to them) and we have also responsibility to decrease these cities burden by decreasing their population otherwise cities like the parched city by means like turning river will destroy our environment and hence livelihood also of less educated. To increase Mangaluru's fixed population we need to have ‘Cluster of Excellence’ in our 'Domains of Excellence' in which undivided DK wants to lead. One of goal of 'Smart City' is also attract and retain talented people.

For example we can have 'Centre of Excellences' for many of subjects in Medical/Healthcare domain listed below either as institutes mentioned as NIPER & BEERI or distributed in different colleges & research institutes. (Hope I have arranged them correctly as I am very weak in Medical stuffs, some subjects are already taught in Mangaluru colleges and some links may not be working as I prepared it when I was studying them a long back. And there may be some links not explicitly related to biomedical domain in BEERI).

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (NIPER) (more than 100 acres) with following additional departments/courses (NIPER Academic Departments)
  1. Nanomedicine {1}
  2. Nuclear Medicine {1}
  3. Marine Pharmacognosy {1}

Biomedical Engineering Education & Research Institute (BEERI) (more than 200 acres) with following departments
  1. Medical Devices & Equipments {1,2} (non-electronics against 2)
  2. Biomedical Electronics & Instrumentation {1}
    • Telemedicine {1}
    • Photonics, Nanophotonics {1,2,3}
    • Medical Robotics {1}
  3. Biomechatronics {1}
    • Biorobotics
  4. Signal & Image Processing {1,2}
    • Electro & Magnetophysiology (Electrocardiology, Electroencephalogy, Magnetoencephalography) {1,2,3,4}
    • Medical Radiography {1}
    • Tomography (Positron emission tomography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Single-photon emission computed tomography, Electrical Resistivity Tomography, Electron Tomography, Muon Tomography, Atom Probe, Magnetic Particle Imaging, Hydraulic Tomography, Angiography, Cryo-electron tomography, Electrical capacitance tomography, Electrical impedance tomography, Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Magnetic induction tomography, Neutron tomography) {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19}
    • Medical ultrasound {1}
    • Endoscopy {1}
    • Elastography {1}
    • Tactile imaging {1}
    • Thermography {1}
    • Photoacoustic imaging {1}
    • Medical photography {1}
  5. Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (Computational Medicine & Health/Medical/Biomedical/Clinical Informatics) {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}
    • Systems Biology {1,2}
    • Computational Microbiology, Physiology, Kinetics & Metabolism, Toxicology, Anestheology, Immunology, Cardiology, Embryology, Dermatology, Anatomy, Accoustics, Endocrinology, Optics/Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics, Proteomics, Gastronomy, Oncology, Transport Phenomena, Disease Modelling, etc
    • Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics {1,2,3}
    • Finite Element Modelling {1}
    • Biostatistics/Biometry {1}
    • Data Science (Big Data, Data Mining & Analytics) {1,2,3,4}
    • Biomedical Artifical Intelligence & Neural Networks {1,2}
    • Pathology Informatics {1,2,3}
    • Predictive Medicine {1}
    • Genomics/ Genome Informatics, Computational Genomics {1,2,3}
    • Dental Informatics {1}
    • Optical Informatics {1,2}
    • Translational Bioinformatics {1}
    • Medical Devices Informatics {1,2}
    • Public Health Informatics {1}
    • Disease Informatics {1}
    • Consumer Health Informatics {1}
    • Alternative Medicine Informatics (Ayurinformatics, Sidda Informatics, etc)
    • Nursing Informatics, Clinical Informatics, Physical & Occupational Therapy Informatics, Clinical Research Informatics, Medical Research Informatics, Nutrition Informatics , Pharmacy Informatics {1,2,3}
  6. Biomechanics {1}
  7. Biomaterials (including Bioplastics) {1,2}
    • Prosthetic Engineering {1}
    • Bionics {1}
    • Nanobionics (Organic & Inorganic Nanoelectronics, Molecular electronics) (implantable & wearble) {1, 2, 3}
    • Molecule, Cellur, Biosurface & Tissue Engineering {1,2,3,4,5,6}
    • Synthetic Biology and Biomedicine? {1,2}
    • Biosensors/ Nanosensors
    • Materials Science
  8. Genetic engineering {1}
    • Modeling & Engineerring Gene Circuits
  9. Neurocognitive engineering
    • Neural Engineering {1,2}
    • Neural Control Engineering {1}
    • Neural Prostheses {1}
    • Cognitive Engineering {1}
  10. Drug Delivery & Therapeutics {1,2}
  11. Biomedical optics {1,2,3,4}
  12. Acoustics of Speech and Hearing {1,2}
  13. Dental Engineering {1}
  14. Rehabilitation engineering {1,2} (check also Prosthetic Engineering & Neural Prostheses)
  15. Clinical Engineering {1}
  16. Applied Sciences
    • Biochemistry, Biomathematics, Biophysics (Biothermodynamics, Biotransport etc), Biotechnology {1,2,3,4}
  17. Pharmaceutical Industrial Engineering {1}
  18. Health Technology Management {1}
    • Healthcare Industrial Management (Pharmaceutical & Biomedical)
    • Health Information Management {1,2,3}
    • Medical Information & Library Management
    • Hospital Engineering & Management
    • Healthcare Educational Management
    • Regulatory & Legal Issues & Management
    • Healthcare Research Management & Commercialization
  19. Engineering needs of Ayurvedic, Sidda, Unani, Homeopathic & Yoga

On Marine side, I think NITK is already working on Ships Design Lab - NITK's new lab will enable students to design ships, plants

World class universities get rankings for a myriad dimensions, like:

1. Most beautiful college Arboretums
2. Amazing college museums
3. Luxurious student recreation centers
4. Best college quadrangle
5. Best college library
6. Best gymnasia
7. Number of restaurants
8. Art museums
9. Gardens
10. Public meditation center
11. Range of academic offerings, activities and sports
12. Faculty resources
13. Availability of financial resources
14. Alumni giving
15. Student selectivity
16. Academic peer assessment
17. World class research publications
18. Levels of global competitiveness
19. Internationalization
20. Knowledge transfer

Indian universities are nowhere if the above standards are applied. It is a pity that we do not have a single world class university in India. The ‘Education Pentagon’, which I have proposed comprising Mangaluru and Manipal should join together to form a ‘Cluster of Excellence’, wherein share facilities, could be the norm, in order to minimize the financial burden. Derlakatte region can be developed into an ‘Exclusive University Zone’, and developed on the lines of American universities.

For this to become a reality, all the stake holders need to put their heads together, and develop a master plan for setting up an ‘Exclusive University Zone’. The process could be set in motion by notifying the entire Derlakatte region as being reserved for setting up a joint World Class University, otherwise it is likely to be usurped by real estate agents and ruined because of haphazard planning and reckless destruction of greenery. The area has immense potential to be developed into a picturesque World Class University Zone, with latest state-of-the-art facilities, arcades, laneways, gardens, green spaces, water bodies, tree lined avenues, and splendid buildings, all wowing students of future generations. It should be our duty, mission and vision to develop Mangaluru into an in-demand student destination. We possess a unique ‘Education Pentagon’, developed by visionaries; it is our duty to expand its horizons for the world to envy.
As I have posted earlier Museums should also be in our choosen domains of excellence like Medical/Healthcare, Marine, Petrochemicals etc on first priority, all others next.

The central government has already planning to promote top ranking 10 government and 10 private universities as world class universities (1-greenfield?). I hope Manipal University will be one among them.

Definitely Deralakatte could be exclusive 'Knowledge Zone'. And we can also develop new one along Airport-Athrady road or Moodbidre road.

After innovate and disrupt, Karnataka government is gearing up to ‘Elevate’

Udupi: Students develop smart wrist band to facilitate senior citizens

Research Paper Publication: Srinivas Institute gets 5th position in world ranking

Considering the fact that even IIMs & ISBs also participated this is very good achievement by Srinivas Institute of Management Studies.

Mangaluru: On frog trail, team finds rare species

And there are innovative ways to make our educational infrastructure economically sustainable. Read.

Mangaluru: A class apart
Besides growing over 400 areca trees on its campus, a school in Bantwal provides water to 45 households
India’s initial start-up district will have its first incubation centre soon
MANGALURU: The Port city of India's first startup district will get the first start-up incubation centre at Mallikatta. It will be operational in the next four months.

Nirmala Sitharaman, Union minister for commerce and industry, visited the spaced identified for the centre in MCC Building near Mallikatta on Friday.

She said that the 6,000 sqft centre with 60 seats intake will be set up within four months with an initial funds of Rs 1.18 crore.

"This is a place where we want to give necessary basic infrastructure for any start-ups which are looking for space. They can come and get the necessary infrastructure whether it is internet connection and other necessary plug and play facilities for a very nominal rate. There are start-ups who come and ask for space for one hour per day for next three days, some others ask for working space for one week. Few may ask for space for a whole month. Depending on the demand of a start-up there should be a place to sit and work and ideate. After that they should be able to convert that into commercial strategy.

They can also sit and talk business with partners and clients. NASSCOM also has agreed to give one representative, who will be here to facilitate," the minister said.

The centre can accommodate 60 seats for start-ups who will come and have the plug and play facility for short-term or medium term, she said. "At present, those start-ups who don't have the kind of eco-system go away to other cities. We want to retain them here because lot of talent is here and lot of qualified people here. They shouldn't be going elsewhere and they should be given necessary facilities here," Nirmala said.

Industry located in the region can partner with the centre and look for solutions. Industries in the region can ask start-ups to give solutions and it should be possible here itself instead of searching start-ups elsewhere, she said. "Interaction from industry will strengthen this programme. Youth of this area will not have in the heart of the city a very good accessible place. The deputy commissioner (K G Jagadeesha) has taken a lot of interest together with the Mayor (Kavitha Sanil), who gave extraordinary support. I have released the first installment from my MPLAD funds for interior works, electrification and procurement of required equipment. It will reach the deputy commissioner soon," she said adding there will be no dearth of funds.
What facility is that with Rs.1.18 crores? What are the equipments and tools the government is providing? Looks like a 'Business Incubation Centre' than 'Technlogy Incubation Centre'. Whether schools and colleges will have their own incubation centres as per the startup scheme or not?

Startup incubation centre to come up in Mangaluru
DC Dr K G Jagadeesha said the work on the incubation centre would be completed within four months.

The minister said that complementary to the startups, innovation hubs have been planned in NITK and NMAM Institute Of Technology, Nitte, which will be established in association Niti Ayog, in the days to come. The innovation hubs will provide a platform for interaction.
Startup Hub is individual contribution to Coastal Districts

Summa: 'Startup District' project is not Government of India project but individual contribution to Karnataka by Nirmala Sitharaman who is representing it as a member of Rajyasabha. Tinkering Labs will be setup in 20 schools and colleges. Will encourage researches in Healthcare, Science, Electricity etc.

Mangaluru: Start-up incubation centre to become functional soon - Nirmala Sitharaman
The minister noted that the city corporation here has provided suitable space required for the centre, and it is the responsibility of the deputy commissioner of the district to develop the centre properly. She asked deputy commissioner of Dakshina Kannada district, K G Jagadeesh, to provide technical assistance, separate cabins, power, 4G internet facility, 3D printers, cafeteria and other facilities which the companies might need.

"Start-up companies can function in the incubation centre for a week or a month. They get opportunity to hold consultation with intending customers about the marketing of their products," she said. Noting that coastal Karnataka has rich human resource for this purpose, she said that the area is also ideal for industry and the youth from the area are enterprising. She added that this centre is being opened to ensure that the youth do not immigrate to other places after education in search of jobs. "Being a representative of Karnataka in Rajya Sabha, I have provided grant for the centre, and I am ready to provide additional grant if necessary," she announced.
Nirmala Sitharaman offers Rs 1.18 cr from MP fund to Mangaluru start-up incubator
Saldanha said the incubation centre will provide start-ups with an IT ecosystem with mentoring from Nasscom. The KCCI has already held discussions with Nasscom in this regard, he said. During her visit to Mangaluru on Friday, Sitharaman had stated that she, with the help of NITI Ayog, has taken initiatives to set up innovation hubs at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka in Mangaluru and at Nitte Mahalinga Adyanthaya Memorial Institute of Technology in Udupi district.
Along with this what colleges need is workshop with facilities like CNC machines, welding machines, plastic welding/joining machines etc for making models using wood, plastic etc. (1,2,3)(Can this be clubbed with Skill Development Programme at colleges?). And we require hobby shops supplying all modeling accesories (aicraft, ship, robot etc modeling)(not only kits but also parts & individual accessories so that kids can have their own design instead of assembling ready made kit. more than what is available at Kinetic Hobbies) needed for student projects of school kids as they are not allowed to work on machines. Currently searching for these accessories is a big task.

And the state government will now completely forget to set up 'Instrumentation Incubator' & 'IT Park' in Mangaluru. Isn't it? If it happens it would just indicate failures of Mangalore MLAs to look after interest of Mangaluru. If so they deserve to be defeated in next election. Anyway good work by Mangaluru Mayor for Startup Incubation Centre.

Need to establish legal infrastructure for India to take lead in AI field: Study

How many colleges in undivided DK have introduced Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in curriculum? I hope by the end of this year every technical colleges in the region will have these subjects and MU introduces BAI/MAI (Bachelor/Master of Artificial Intelligence, another applied mathematics degree) like BCA/MCA (or BCA/MCA with AI & Data Science as specialized subjects) so that colleges teaching science & mathematics (yes, AI has application in commerce, arts, business etc) can introduce this degree. Other option is to introduce Bachelor/Master degrees in Data Science and teach AI & Big Data as part of it.

Electronic cradle for the comfort of working women

Summa: Canara Engineering College students have invented equipments like electronic cradle, electrical wire fault detection equipment, smart home, smart walking stick, mechatronics tree climber.

http://startupindia.gov.in/ launched

No idea whether the portal will provide subgroups like 'startupkudla'. Provision of localized view through 'Local Virtual Business Incubator' can help in developing local partnerships.

Start-ups to get cheaper work space as Minister taps fund
The facility, with a capacity of 60 seats, will be operational in a month. “Two days ago, I was in Mangaluru to inspect the space given by the municipality. I was so encouraged that all 60 seats have already been booked.”
That means Mangaluru & Udupi need more seats. So, 'Instrumentation Incubator' & 'IT Park' are welcome. And hope, in near future, Mangaluru will even have cheaper 'Subsea Data Center' for startups requiring them.

Nitte university bags Rs 1 crore consultancy contract for fishery exports action plan from Odisha govt

Looks like Odisha government is taking first step towards Fisheries Resource Planning or Fisheries Informatics software system.

MoU between Alvas Engineering College & Kumamoto University, Japan

Summa: MoU includes opportunity for higher studies for lecturers and students, research assistance for new inventions, Kumamoto scholarship for students selected for research, joint technical conferences by both institutes.

Manipal startup develops wallet-weapon
Engineering students develop android-based wheelchair

St Agnes awarded 'Star College Status' by government of India

Karnataka to spend Rs 400 cr on select startups
Karnataka government will spend Rs 400 crore to elevate 100 startups by providing them funds and mentors to help them turn their ideas into successful businesses.
The government will hold open houses to identify startups in Mangaluru, Kalaburgi, Mysuru and Hubli, after they had pitched their ideas to Elevate Team, he (IT and BT Minister Priyank Kharge) said.
... continued in the next post in the same page

Let curse be upon those politicians or bureaucrats or any other person if they steal any idea from here to implement in the parched city or any other mega metro city.

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Land Transportation

Jeppinamogaru-Kannur Road gets green signal

Summa: 50 meters width Jeppinamogaru (Netravati Bridge) to Adyar/Kannur 6 km fourlane road will cost Rs. 100 crores. Rs. 10 crores released now. DPR is in final processing stage. There possibility that small islets on Netravati & Gurupura rivers will be developed for tourism once road is realized.

We have to find out now whether NH-66 will be developed as highspeed road or not as that would be main Bharatmala highway.

National Highway luck shines on six District/State roads of DK

Summa: Tender will be called for feasibility study for upgrading Belthangady-Dharmastala-Shiradi 25km, Gundya-Subramania 17km, Karkala-Moodbidre-BC Road 40km as two lane roads. Tender is called for feasibility study of upgrading BC Road-Kaikamba-Kateel-Mulky 48km, Tokkottu-Mudipu-Melkar 27km as two lane roads.

Which is sixth one? I thought BC Road-Kaikamba-Kateel-Mulky and Tokkottu-Mudipu-Melkar will be fourlane roads. Hope Airport Road - Athrady will be upgraded as fourlane national highway.

Hassan–BC Road four-laning work to commence in September

When will 1.18 lakh crores 8-lane dual carriageway concrete highspeed road with service roads works commence? Which are phases of development of this road? Will Hassan-BC road will be developed as fourlane road first with fourlane flyovers, tunnels, bridges in first stage and then one more fourlane road will be added to this to make it eightlane road? Or will it be totally separate road?

Mahaveer Circle fly-over to be ready by March 2018

As monsoon arrives, road starts eroding on Shirady Ghat

Mangaluru-Karkala fourlane: NHA Technical Report is ready

Bharatmala project gets PIB nod, awaits cabinet clearance

Commercial buildings should have floor-level parking: MLC
Footpath Encroachments will be removed: Mayor

Sorry status of free left zones at junctions: Traffic snarls galore
MCC to streamline traffic on prominent roads

NHAI apathy leaves national highways in and around city in a shambles

8 highways in state to be developed under Sagarmala scheme

Looks like Sagaramala priority is for internal roads than main Sagaramala road.

Four-laning of NH 75 begins, over 10,000 trees being felled

Rs 1.2 lakhs cost Mangaluru-Bengaluru Highspeed Highway

Summa: DPR preparation and preliminary survey works are going on for upgrading existing national highway to eightlane highspeed highway. Works will be started in another 3 or 4 months and will be completed in 5 years. The road, without any turns or humps & slumps, allowing 100-120 kmph traffic speed, will reduce journey time from current 7-10 hours to 4.5 hours. Ambulances, cars & buses and trucks will have separate lanes. Only two toll gates will be there at two ends of the road stretch. Cold mix technology will be used for Shiradighat stretch.

Five years from now, zoom to Bengaluru on eight-lane highway

So, NHAI will first concretize fourlane Shiradighat stretch and then reconstruct eightlane road with cold mix technology. How they are planning to reduce turns in this stretch? Whether the government has dropped the idea of tunnel road?

Whether cost figures are high due to fresh land acquisition for straightening the road?

When are they going to commence actual Bharatmala works of upgrading NH-66?

Kaladka-Vitla 3 km road gets lucky to become twolane road

Fresh notification for acquiring land for highway in two months
Mangaluru-Karkala road to be widened
Four laning of M'luru-Karkala road: NHAI makes changes
The hurdles for proposed four-laning of Mangaluru-Karkala road (NH 13) seems to be almost cleared with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) making changes in the plan.

Speaking to media after the meeting held at the deputy commissioner’s office on Tuesday here, S P Somashekar, project director, NHAI, Shivamogga, said, “Major realignment has been made at six junctions in keeping with the demands made in previous meetings. The realignment has been included at Sanur, Moorthangady, Thodar, Mijar, Edapadavu and Kudupu.”

Explaining about the plan, Somashekar said, to ensure smooth movement of vehicles, 10 vehicular underpasses will be built, followed by eight light vehicular underpasses (LUVP), one vehicular overpass, two bypass roads at Moodbidri and Gurupura and flyover at Moodbidri
and Kaikamba.

For 30 years

Asserting that the project is conceived in keeping with the future vehicular movement up to 30 years, Somashekar said, the existing passenger car units (PCU) per day on the stretch is calculated between 13,000 and 14,000. The road will be widened up to 45 metres.
Once the procedures are completed, a detailed project report (DPR) will be prepared in another two months, he added.
Journey time

The 45-km stretch between Mangaluru and Karkala is one of the busiest stretches, with not less than 90 minutes (one-and-a-half hour) required to travel the distance. Once the stretch is converted into four lane, it is expected to cut down the journey time to 45 minutes.
DPR for M’luru-Karkala stretch widening to be ready soon
NHAI officials informed at a meeting convened by district minister B Ramanath Rai that it may require approximately Rs 1,000 crore to develop the road from Bikkarnakatte to Sanoor into four-lane. The work on Mangaluru- Karkala stretch, which is part of the four-laning of NH13 with paved shoulders from Shivamogga to Mangaluru, is expected to begin by September 2018, said NHAI project director S P Somashekhar.

The project will have two flyovers, eight light vehicular underpass (LVUP), 10 vehicular underpass (VUP), one vehicular overpass and a major bridge. Initially there were plans to develop the stretch into a two-lane road in 2009, but later a decision was taken to convert it into four-lane with a width of 45 mts.
Hope NHAI will construct a single fourlane bridge across Phalguni river which can be upgraded to eightlane later by constructing another fourlane bridge. To avoid headlight of vehicles moving in opposite direction just put one temporary opaque partition.

We don't know whether & when 'Suvarna Karnataka Corridor' will be implemented by the state government. I don't think if this project is implemented then fourlane road will not be enough for thirty years. Even 'Suvarna Karnataka Corridor' itself doubtful as forest terrain and more stress is now on NH-75.

And what about service roads? Why journey time to cover 49 kms is 45 minutes? Aren't they going to reduce number of turns adequately?

When are the MLAs/MLCs and the ministers at the state government conduct meeting for upgrading the state highways and the district highways? What happened to upgradation of 2 km stretch of airport road? Why our representatives at the state government are silent on the state government's road projects?


Pumpwell Bus Terminal: Dream becomes True - Private Infrastructure Development Institutes are requested to propose PPP Model

Dream will become true only when bus stop bercomes operational. But don't be surprised if, as corporation election is nearing, all the pending issues make more news.

KSRTC transforms journey with a touch of technology

It is called Automatic Vehicle Location System that uses GPRS connections to locate places on the route on which the bus moves

Corporation drops move to acquire more land for Pumpwell bus stand project
At last Central Busstop at Pumpwell?
Mangaluru: Finally, positive signs of service bus stand shifting to Pumpwell

That means Pumpwell bus stop is not a 'Transportation Hub' but just a 'Service/Mofussil Bus Terminal'. We had hoped that along with service buses even other long distance and interstate buses will ply from Pumpwell. That hope has faded now. Those Mumbai, Hyderabad, the parched city buses will continue to encroach roads like Milagres Cross Road in the night. And as there is no shared depot planned for private buses at Pumpwell many of them will continue to use roadside or footpath as depot cum garage.

But hope after redirecting service buses towards Pumpwell more city buses will be introduced from State Bank.


Multi-level car parking may soon become a reality: Mayor


IPRCL to construct 15 rail bridge projects near ports
IPRCL is an organisation under the Shipping Ministry with stakes held by several ports. These are basically flyovers that cost about Rs.100 crore each. The rail bridge projects were earlier implemented under the Railway Ministry.

“Some of the first few projects to be taken up include those near Machlipatnam, Krishnapatnam, Kandla port and New Mangalore Port,” Anoop Kumar Agrawal, Managing Director, IPRCL, told BusinessLine.
Maersk Line’s breakthrough shipment of papayas set to revolutionize the Indian fruits industry
Maersk Line has processed trade’s debut shipment of papayas from Manglore in Karnataka to Jebel Ali, UAE through its container vessel- M. V. Tiger Goman. This opens up a niche cargo category of shipping non-frozen goods(Fruits) using reefers from the region (Mandya, Karnataka).


”India is one of the largest producers of Papayas in the world. This breakthrough shipment is likely to allow Indian traders to reach out to newer and larger markets, helping them to enable and tap the growth potential held by the fruit export market.” Mr Franck Dedenis, Head of West Central Asia Trades said.


Supplementary processes have started for building Worldclass Railway Station
Mangaluru’s railway woes

Court issues notice on plea to restore Konkan Rly. its original jurisdiction

If case is won hope that money wll be used for improving hinterland connectivity of the port by asking KRCL to take up newline project.

Mangalore Central Railway Station will be renovated at a cost of Rs. 70 crores

World class rly. station project can take off if State hands over land: MP
Addressing a gathering at a railway function in Mangaluru Central Railway Station here on Friday, Mr. Kateel said that it required 100 acres for the project. The Railways has 60 acres with it.

Mangaluru City Corporation and the State government should take the lead in handing over the balance land required for the project. “If the land is handed over, the Railways will lay the foundation stone for the project within a year,” the MP said.
The MP said that development works worth Rs. 10 crore would be taken up in the Mangaluru Central and Junction Railway stations. It included building an additional platform, toilets, upgrading reservation and current booking counters, parking facility (all in the Central station) and building two elevators in the Junction station.

In addition, the MP said that renovation works at the Central station would be taken up at an estimated cost of Rs. 70 crore. Bids for the works would be called in two months.
Foundation laid for doubling of Nethravathi-Mangaluru Central line

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Make in Kudla: Industries

Coconut Park
Nalin Kumar Kateel, MP, said he has planned to have special agricultural zones in Puttur and Belthangady. Mr. Kateel said he has proposed the setting up of a Coconut Park in Bantwal to the Coconut Development Board.
ATS launches ops at new storage tank terminal in India

Roy-Lawrence duo launches 'Roy-L' mineral water in Mangaluru

HPCL sets sights on Mangalore Refinery for acquisition

Kochi-Mangaluru pipeline to be completed by next year

Kudremukh Iron Ore Company signs pact with CleanMax Solar

BR Shetty Interview - What happened to this project?
Meanwhile, businessman BR Shetty is expected to invest Rs 500 crore which includes Rs 250 crore for WellnessSpa and Boat Club at Tannir Bhavi and Pharma industry at a cost of Rs 250 crore.
Fourth Phase of MRPL Expansion: Land owners give conditional approval

Nandini flavoured milk to come in PET bottles soon

Tumbe Neera Unit: Revival Attempt with Private Participation
Government urged to hand over neera unit to Vitla-based FPO

Geologists discover a seabed of 'treasure' in Indian waters
Geologists strike seabed gold in peninsular India

Karnataka seabed having iron ore (reported earlier), lime mud / calcareous sediments may be good news for steel, cement & construction industries if mineral deposits can be exploited commercially. Similarly phosphate-rich sediments for fertilizer industries. It is not clear from the news whether precious stones are discovered near Karnataka shores.

MRPL gets ‘green’ signal for BS VI project
Green nod to MRPL's Rs 1,810 cr upgradation project in K'taka
MRPL gears up to produce cleaner fuel
Prior to the merger with ONGC, HPCL is likely to take over MRPL
MRPL declines after posting disappointing Q1 numbers

MRPL plans to set up desalination plant

Dakshina Kannada district administration warms up to idea of setting up SAZ
MANGALURU: A proposal to set up special agriculture zone (SAZ) on lines with special economic zone is under consideration, deputy commissioner K G Jagadeesha said. There is sufficient demand for locally grown vegetables and flowers abroad and this has spurred the demand to set up a SAZ, DC said adding a committee consisting of agriculture experts, officials, farmer leaders will be set up the committee is expected to submit its report in this regard in next two months.
DC is searching for 250 acres for SAZ
Ready to provide land for Special Agriculture Zone: DC - Unused land of SEZ can be used for SAZ.

I don't think MSEZ land can be separated out as SAZ but export-oriented agri industries can come up in multiproduct MSEZ itself just like export-oriented marine food processing industries.

I was thinking that SAZ is for reserving the land for agriculture permanently and whole Puttur, Sullia and Belthangadi fall within SAZ. Okay now it means agriculture based SEZ also, most probably food processing industries & flower packing industries. Will it be a multimode Agri-Logistics Hub? (If it is located near Neatravati/Gurupur rivers then waterway can also be used when it is realized.) Will this SEZ is in addition to Coconut Park which is not export oriented park?

ONGC Mangalore Petrochemicals Limited (OMPL) video

Modernisation of JBF PTA plant in Mangalore to be completed by 1HY of FY 2018

Syngene plans to scale up for biologics

Hesitation of two IT companies to come to Mangaluru

Instead of service-based IT companies Mangaluru should focus on product-based IT companies. Focused efforts on on startup & research on specific domains will definitely lead to product-based IT companies.

All trainees of MRPL Kaushal Vikas Kendra get job offers

So, Mangaluru lost more people to the parched city. This is what 'Made in Kudla' product!

Biotech skill enhancement programme launched in Karnataka
... He (Mittur N Jagadish, Head of the Bio-Tech Facilitation Cell of the Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services (KBITS)) said that the theme-based biotech parks are at various stages of implementation in Bidar, Dharwad, Mangaluru ...
We are hearing this for last 8 years - Marine Biotech Park at Tannirbhavi. How many more years this park will be at various stages of implementation?

Adding spice to life - Aruna Masalas brings the best of Indian flavours

MRPL planning to up production to 25 million tonnes per year

The government will set up an industrial park exclusively for women entrepreneurs at Mangaluru

Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
PCPIR at Mangalore, Karnataka (~250 Sq.Km) Dated Aug 2016?

India designates port-led coastal economic zones

I think Mangaluru should have Marine Science & Technology CEZ that includes Marine Robotics. ... And there should be a 'Marine University' in either Mangaluru or Udupi.
Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
Cost of 1500 km Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is around 6.4 lakh crores. That is 426 crores per km. Cost per km in case of NH-75 is around 400 crores. DMIC includes cost of development of many investment regions. What are the investment regions or industrial townships planned along NH-75 Economic Corridor? Page 161 of Final Report for Sagarmala (Vol. II) has identified 12 industrial complexes (i.e. industrial areas, some are partially developed already). Whether cost includes development of PCPIR infrastructure (as Sagarmala project has identified Mangalore as one of possible Petrochemcical Coastal Economic Zone) and Medical Tourism Investment Region? Whether it includes cost of development of port based smart city at Maravoor? Cost may also include cost of Natural Gas pipeline proposed (page 69/62 of Final Report for Sagarmala (Vol. III)) along NH-75. But the Sagarmala report still proposes NH-75 as fourlane road. And there is no plan for improving railway connectivity like doubling of Mangaluru-Hassan Railway line.

Note that surprisingly Sagarmala project does not have any plan for undersea minerals or sea-based powerplants.

NH-75 Economical Corridor should/can have following in Tulunadu or Karavali Karnataka.
  • Petrochemcials and Petroleum Investment Region (PCPIR) along with Petrochemicals University or RGIPT. Plastics Park (including fibre-reinforced plastic) & Technical Textile Park can be considered as a part of this though they can include bioplastic & biodegradable components.
  • Medical/Health Tourism Investment Region (Health Tourism District) - I hope that this includes Medical Equipments & Pharmaceuticals manufacturing.
  • Special Agricultural Zone (SAZ, along with Paschima Vahini and Agriculture based multimode logistics hub).
  • 'Marine Invest Region' (MIR) - Sagarmala also mentions about ship building and repairing industries for the Mangalore CEZ. (Sagarmala also mentions that all types of export oriented heavy equipments should be manufactured in coastal regions). (I think Karwar is better place for defense/navy ships & equipments manufacturing and also seaplanes manufacturing as it is close to Belgaum which is deamed to be an aerospace hub. Though Mangalore can cater needs of coast guards) Tulunadu should have a 'Marine Invest Region' focusing more on manufacturing watercrafts like catamarans (Karnataka tourism policy has vision to encourage catamarans), traditional sail boats, houseboats, speedboats, highspeed boats, kayaks, coracles, commercial/civilian/recreational hovercrafts, ferry boats, amphibians, underwater vehicles including underwater drones, underwater robots, jetskis, dinghies, runabouts, surfboards & lifeboats, other gadgets used in marine/underwater recreational sports, barges. And also offshore/ocean/subsea heavy engineering equipments (including maritime heavy engineered equipments) like offshore oil recovery equipments, coastal construction equipments,floating production storage and offloading equipments, single buoy mooring, floating docks, renewable eneregy equipments like ocean turbines, pipelines, cables. For this we need educational and research institutes like IMU & NIOT (India has in TN & AP only but needs more considering vastness of this field) working on domains like offshore oil recovery, marine metals and corrosion, coastal construction, global climate monitoring, renewable energy equipments like ocean turbines, underwater vehicles, remote sensing, marine transportation, naval architecture, instrumentation design etc. (There are more imortant stuffs to do with NIOT and we will discuss it once it is set up in Mangalore). 'Marine Invest Region' also includes investments in Fisheries (comes under agriculture), Marine Biotech (including marine biotech institute) & Pharmacognosy domain.
I think as per Sagarmala 'Mangaluru CEZ' even includes Uttara Kannada district Belikere being satellite port of New Mangalore port. So PCPIR, MIR, SAZ may cover entire Mangaluru CEZ.

Awareness programme for MSMEs
The main purpose of the ZED scheme is to improve the quality of goods manufactured by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country with ‘zero defects’ and to ensure that the goods have ‘zero effect’ on the environment, a release stated.

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Digital Kudla

Mangaluru also requires online update system to control road digging etc

Mangaluru: MCC mulling on app-based Town Hall booking - Mayor Kavita Sanil

Better to study railway online booking system and what are the issues railways faced like bulk online booking, cancellation etc {1,2} and how many of them rectified by railway so far.

Finally Mangalore should have online booking system for every kind of bookings including all types of halls.

Traffic Automation Centre to monitor traffic violations
All dists to get Traffic Automation Enforcement Centres

MP's office embraces 'e-post' to keep string ties in constituency
Police-Civilians WhatsApp group to stop crime
WhatsApp comes in handy in hunt for jewellery store thief

Hygienic, technologically advanced e-toilets inaugurated in coastal city

Whether through the GPS system a user can know which toilet is operational and which is not?

These WhatsApp groups keep blood flowing to needy

26 cities to ready GIS-based master plans under AMRUT
Urban planning will go digital in 26 cities in Karnataka as they will switch to Geographic Information System (GIS)-based master plans, allowing authorities to monitor land use changes in real time and keep a check on violations.
Waiting for the time when people can also participate in city planning by suggesting their ideas (& complaints) for a city on Bhuvan map itself. And this should be integrated with myGov or smartcity website which are capturing people's ideas. In the next stage it should be 3D ideas with 3D map. By the way, what is now Alva's college doing in Space Informatics?

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With 'Signature' project, Westline, MFar set to create history in Mangaluru


Landmark Set with Foundation

The single foundation laid in rapid pace is known as 'Raft Foundation' in the construction industry. This massive foundation is the fastest executed foundation for such a magnanimous structure. It has made it’s place in the India’s construction history. As much as 505 tonnes of steel, along with nearly 2600 cubic metre of M40 grade concrete which amounts to approximately 24000 bags of cement is consumed in for the foundation. The quality of the structure has been met with the usage of best know primary steel JSW Fe500D. For a continuous pour, the foundation was divided into three blocks with high rib sheets.

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Work to develop Someshwara and Surathkal beaches to start shortly

'City of the Young' Part III: Need for an Icon for Mangaluru

I think Old Tile Factories could be icon for Mangaluru. And 'Smartcity Project' of developing them for tourism is right thing to do.

'City of the Young' Part IV: Developing Mangaluru as Medical Tourism Destination

Whether Mangalore can think of Kidzania? Instead of every mall having videogames facilities one of them can have something like Kidzania.

Pilikula 'Guttu Mane' may be turned into a homestay soon

To supplement Tourism, Mangalore needs a well equipped Cricket Stadium

From now on tourists need not get tired to wander around Pilikula

Adventure sports could get a big push in the state
Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, Sudhir Gowda, consultant, district tourism department, said, “This is an attempt to develop adventure sports. In Mangaluru, the area near the Phalguni river lodge has been identified. Wanderlust Adventures from Delhi has proposed setting up a bungee station with jumps over the river. They have also proposed ziplines across the river. The project cost is about Rs 4.25 crore and will be developed on a 70:30 with 30 per cent by Wanderlust. The ticket revenues will also be on 70:30 ratio. Multiple activities will be offered from this bungee site which also includes commando slithering, cage ride and so on. The proposal is pending before the tourism minister and secretary tourism,” he said.
Adventure Sports Park project adjacent to Pilikula Park: Detailed Project Report Ready
Tourist attraction - Government considering sports adventure park at Pilikula

Concept plan ready for surfing destination in Mangaluru

Pilikula authorities mull hop-on hop-off service inside Nisarga Dhama

Pilikula to have an Rs. 15 crores oceanarium

If not Rs. 200 crores oceanarium, Pilikula should have at least Rs. 50 crores oceanarium. And we can have a fullfledged Oceanarium at Tannirbhavi or Kapu later.

Amar Jawan Jyoti-like memorial to come up in Puttur

Quick realization of Lakshadweep jetty is needed

Airport-like security at cruise ports including Mangalore for promoting cruise tourism
Get ready to go on a desi voyage on cruise liners
Costa Cruises to start short sailings to tap market in India
Costa Crociere S.p.A of Italy will start three and four nights cruise line sailings from Mumbai to Kochi via Mangaluru and Kochi to Maldives respectively from November to March to tap the demand for short cruise services in India as some of the country’s state-run ports step-up efforts to boost revenues.
Costa to Offer Short Sailings for Indian Market
Cruise Shipping and Ferry Services
Narendra Modi government identifies 5 ports to boost cruise tourism
‘Dawn of cruise tourism in India’ inaugurated in Mumbai
The government hopes to create 2,50,000 jobs at the five main ports of Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai and Kochi.
Costa Cruises launches shorter sailing options in Indian waters

Historical structures vanishing from city's geography'

Pilikula Nisargadhama to have large scale conservation programmes

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Exclusive: DK district soon to have its very own blood donation unit on wheels

Mangaluru: Redefining healthcare, AJ Hospital launches Home Health services

Medical Supply Company Midmark launches its Experience Centre in Mangaluru

Prostate Care Foundation to support patients with evidence-based information, resources

Special treatment unit for women experiencing violence

Port hospitals to be converted into medical colleges: Gadkari
More medical colleges: Port hospitals to be teaching institutes, says Gadkari
“We will convert the existing hospitals at our ports into medical colleges and super speciality centres on a PPP basis,” shipping, road transport and highways minister Gadkari told PTI.
Does New Mangalore Port Hospital have enough land for expansion and medical college? And in first phase Mangalore may not be considered at all - Port hospitals will be developed as medical hubs, says shipping minister Nitin Gadkari

Health Tourism Project execution soon

Integrated AYUSH complex to come up at Kinya
Yenepoya University is planning to set up an innovation and incubation centre to strengthen research activities and network, according to its Chancellor Y. Abdulla Kunhi. Addressing a gathering at the silver jubilee year celebration of Yenepoya Dental College at Deralakatte here on Monday, he said that the university would strengthen research activities in emerging areas such as 3D printing technologies, omics-technologies, patient relevant clinical and translational research.

He said that the university was developing an additional campus at Kinya, 5 km away from Deralakatte. It would be an integrated AYUSH complex, with training and healthcare facilities in all forms of Indian medicine.

He said that the university was developing a state-of-the-art robotic surgery training unit, a cadaveric laboratory for training in minimal invasive procedures.

It has also plans to set up a comprehensive oncology centre that would focus on holistic cancer care from awareness, early detection to advanced and palliative care facilities.

Using the robotic surgery facility introduced some time ago the Yenepoya Hospital has performed more than 100 surgeries now.
Wenlock Hospital to get better with more moolah
Mangaluru: Wenlock Hospital to be upgraded with 1,000-bedded hospital - MLA Lobo
Lady Goschen’s new building likely to be functional from November 1

Shripad Naik for integrated treatment approach
Chancellor of Yenepoya University Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi said that the university was working towards building an integrated treatment complex on its campus in Deralakatte. University Vice-Chancellor M. Vijaykumar said that the Yenepoya Medical College Hospital was the third one in the state where 3 Tesla MRI facility was available

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Old Tumbe dam to be decommisioned

We have to find out what type of arrangement the government is planning for passage of barges from one side to the other side of dams (River Navigation Today: Locks, Dams and Barges - Illinois DNR) to know whether the pillars of the old dam impose problems to barges passing on Netravathi Waterway when implemented. We also have to use water bodies for growing medicinal water plants.

DK ZP plans to build 2,300 more open wells in district

Rs. 250 crores is needed for Tumbay Vented Dam development

Small town's endeavour on lake rejuvenation a success
Mangaluru: Lake in Moodabidri returns to past glory

Many of our lakes or backwaters of rivers are covered by weeds. A best way to use them is - Weeds of change: Humble Hyacinth gets a nifty avatar. If weeds can be grown in an ecologically sustainable way without harming water bodies then this could generate alternative jobs to beedi workers unless some startup invents a weed weaving robot. We have to use our water bodies for growing medicinal water plants.

Agricultural pits: Scheme extended to Malnad, coastal districts

Mangaluru: Activists want govt to revise hydel policy

Pollution: No respite for Netravati

Mangaluru: It’s the (percolation) pits!

In July, rainfall deficit in Dakshin Kanadda district increases to 530mm
Another water crisis looming large?
The rainfall throughout the year too has been meagre with 1,810.2 mm from January to July 28 as against 2,393.2 mm and last year’s 1967.2 mm, amounting to nearly 25% deficiency.
The earlier pattern used to help adequate groundwater recharge while under the present pattern, a major chunk of rainwater just drains into the sea, he said. Moreover, there is no proper groundwater table in the coastal region due to the absence of aquifers, he pointed out.
The solution lies in everyone preparing individual water budget and resorting to storing rainwater/ recharging groundwater.

Places such as Moodbidri would not have faced water shortage if the Kadala Kere is properly managed, from which water could be drawn to the town through gravity, he pointed out. Indiscriminate covering of the earth by concrete/ paver blocks would completely block water percolation into the ground thereby reducing groundwater level, he said.
Mangaluru making efforts to protect waterbodies

Drinking water from Netravati to the parched city
Reservoir in sea to end Bengaluru's drinking water problems?

A way to construct reservior so to avoid ship/boat movement issues to old port is to channelize water to reservior through a separate canal (of course canal will have a bridge over it for vehicle movements) with suitable arrangement that backwater will not flow into reservior during non-rainy season. But this will also create flooding issues though erosion may or may not come down. And saline water may enter fresh water reservoir through soil. Better, reliable engineers of NITK do independent feasibility analysis and supervising than living things to the luxurious IISc professor. I am sure final cost of water will be much much higher when all geological & flood hazards are addressed in the plan properly.

The fishermen with small boats can do fresh water fishing (if double barriers are constructed like this - cost may go up further) and as mentioned earlier anchoring facilities for boats can be constructed along sides of barriers.

Look at how DK MLAs are keeping quiet! All the MLAs & the Corporators who are not raising voice against this kind of stupid committe & Yettinahole are worth of defeat in the next election.

The parched city eyes on Netravati & sets fire to another conflict with the coast

No use of any conflict. This autocratic government, worst than british government, has already suppressed a peaceful compaign against Yettinahole brutally. Any way one of IISc professor has already warned sea level will raise due to climatic changes and whole coastal region will be submerged in sea icluding the planned reservior. Just abandon coast, move to the parched city and enjoy drinking 750MW delux water (actually you have to drink desalinated water as Netravati itself will not be there & no rain as no hills will be there) with wine and have fun with IISc professors.

We'll solicit opinion on Netravathi project: UT Khader

Why not the minister opposes the project directly? Why is he allowing it to reach the stage of asking people's opinion? He is talking as if opinion matter to this autocrat government. What he will lose if he stands with people of Dakshina Kannada?

Netravathi Reservior: Said something and reported something else

Summa: Earlier in Mangaluru meeting the IISc scientist had stated only 120 TMC water is available in Netravati (and requiste water is not available in Yettinahole) but now he has submitted a report stating 350 TMC of water is available in Netravati.

Problem is with our legal system. Anyone can submit any bogus report and escape consequences. Whether it is the same scientists who give bogus report on Yettinahole earlier? Now they have stating that their own Yettinahole report is false and still not punished for that.

Rs 40 crores vented dam for Netravati at Harekala

ZP looking to bring ‘kattas’ back to Dakshina Kannada

Build reservoir in Mangaluru to meet Bengaluru’s water needs: IISc experts

What type of experts? So far they have shown their expertise to produce bogus reports only.

Again they are talking about irrigation. Irrigation at what cost? We want Pashchima Vahini for irrigation. Implement Pashchima Vahini before even thinking of seabased reservior & forget discussion before Pashchima Vahini implementation.

Decision to take water to the parched city after discussion
Karnataka government considering harnessing floodwaters from Netravati

If this autocratic government has already decided to construct reservior then why discussion? The government want this type of seabased reservior not only in Mangalore but also in other coastal regions to supply water to other parts of Karnataka. Why not they construct pilot seabased reservior in some other part of the coast where population is less (so less risky and displacement cost is also less) and take water to say Davangere using Tungabhadra or Linganamakki or some other reservior for in between water storage during non-rainy season when reservior level goes down? This is the way to prove technical ability first. The government can create about 10 lakhs jobs for people of the parched city in Davangere itself and shift those people from the parched city to Davangere. In this way water demand in the parched city will be reduced. Even the government can build 'Media City', 'Finance City' or 'Knowledge City' in Davanagere itself if it has enough will power to do this. If the government concern is to develop whole Karnataka equitably then they should give more priority to taking water to non parched city regions first. This government does not have any concern for inclusive growth of Karnataka. The goal of real estate lobby of the parched city is to increase their land value. Disgusting! In the next election let us all vote for a party which promises equitable growth of Karnataka with equitable budgetary allocation for growth of one city each in North-East, North-West, Central and Coastal Karnataka.

State Govt. plans to harness floodwaters for drinking purpose
In the first stage, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Belagavi, Hubballi-Dharwad, Davangere, Balllari, Kalburgi, Shivamogga, Tumakuru
and Vijayapura Corporations will be supplied with this water, said George.
This politician is just trying to garner support from other cities for selfish goal of the parched city real estate lobby. If other cities to be included then why only Netravati reservior report is ready to take water to the parched city? How can you do everything in a single first phase? How can so many reserviors be constructed in a single phase? Won't there be any pilot project to prove technology? Just include North & Central Karnataka cities in first phase. As northern coast of Karnataka is less populated and hence less risky to prove technology & relocation cost will be less. But before pilot project itself implement Pashchima Vahini project fully. (Land acquisition is needed for canals, pipelines and pumping stations. Canals in turn are needed if you want to avoid construction around estuary as shown in figure above to allow ship/boat movements from already existing ports and also to avoid flooding caused by dam. Though the figure above shows short canal in reality it requires a long canal to take water from non-saline river part to reservoir probably from proposed Harekala dam itself. Note in the above figure due to wall on Ullal side the Tannirbhavi side of beach would face more sea erosion during rainy season).

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Startup Kudla: Education, Research & Innovations

Schools from coastal region asked to apply for tinkering labs
With only one school from the three coastal districts of the State selected for opening “tinkering lab”, the Atal Innovation Mission has asked more schools from Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, and Uttara Kannada to apply in the second round of selection of schools for setting up of these laboratories. NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission has taken up the task of establishing Atal Tinkering Laboratories in schools across India.

The objective of these laboratories is to expose students to new age technologies and foster curiosity, creativity, and imagination among young minds. These laboratories will provide children to work with tools and equipment to understand concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These laboratories will have “do it yourself” kits and equipment on science, electronics, robotics, sensors, and 3D printers. The mission will provide grant-in-aid of Rs. 10 lakh for establishment of the laboratory, and Rs. 2 lakh every year for a period of five years that will be towards operational expenses.

Talking to The Hindu here on Monday, Ramanathan Ramanan, the Mission Director of Atal Innovation Mission, said so far 457 schools were selected in the first round. In the website of the mission, the Government PU College, Volakadu, Udupi, has been mentioned as among the 30 schools in Karnataka where these laboratory will be established.

Mr. Ramanan said the mission has started selection of schools for establishment of 1,000 tinkering laboratories in the second round. Interested schools can submit applications online by July 15, he said. In the workshop on Monday about the Tinkering Laboratories for representatives from different schools in Dakshina Kannada, Mr. Ramanan said these laboratories help teachers in developing problem solving mindsets among students.

“The country needs more number of thinkers, job makers, and entrepreneurs.” The Atal Innovation Mission is trying to set an eco-system of innovation, which was presently absent.

Talking to The Hindu here on Monday, Ramanathan Ramanan, the Mission Director of Atal Innovation Mission, said so far 457 schools were selected in the first round. In the website of the mission, the Government PU College, Volakadu, Udupi, has been mentioned as among the 30 schools in Karnataka where these laboratory will be established.

Mr. Ramanan said the mission has started selection of schools for establishment of 1,000 tinkering laboratories in the second round. Interested schools can submit applications online by July 15, he said. In the workshop on Monday about the Tinkering Laboratories for representatives from different schools in Dakshina Kannada, Mr. Ramanan said these laboratories help teachers in developing problem solving mindsets among students.

“The country needs more number of thinkers, job makers, and entrepreneurs.” The Atal Innovation Mission is trying to set an eco-system of innovation, which was presently absent.

Mr. Ramanan said schools having about 1,500 sq ft space and playground can apply.

Nalin Kumar Kateel, MP and Ganesh Karnik, MLC, also spoke.
Government to set up workspace for startups in Mangaluru
NEW DELHI: India’s first government-owned co-working space for startups is set to come up in Mangaluru, offering cutting-edge technology such as 3D printing and new-age digital infrastructure, such as high-speed Internet.

“We felt there was a great demand for a co-working space in Mangaluru. Many startups told us that they had to go to Bengaluru or other cities to access such facilities and infrastructure,” a senior official told ET.

The initiative is being led by commerce and industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman as part of the Member of Parliament Local Area Development scheme.

The government is trying to work out a sustainable revenue model for the facility designed to accommodate 100 people.

A team of officials is consulting with some of the leading Delhi-based co-working space owners to finalise the design and functioning of the Mangalore facility.

The workstations will be made available at a price nearly half the market rate being charged by privately owned social workspaces.

Sitharaman’s office is also reaching out to other government departments and ministries to build synergies and meet the costs of getting the place up and running.

For instance, the Ministry of electronics and information technology has been requested to provide the best possible internet connectivity under the Digital India initiative for startups. The government wants to create space for hardware development and experimentation with readily available 3D printing equipment.

At a later stage, a patent facilitation cell would also be made functional at the workspace to help easy access for startups. While Nasscom has been roped in to provide the technological backup, the Kannada Chamber of Commerce is also pitching in with the building and the management of the space where the co-working facility will be housed.

“We will select the right people to run the place only after asking for suggestions from the start-ups themselves since it is an entirely new territory for the government to enter,” the senior official added.

The government is also finalising the plan for setting up India’s first start-up district in Mangalore.

It would have several specialised incubation centres, and 20 tinkering labs for schools aimed at encouraging the creation of innovative solutions in areas such as agriculture, health and education.

Did a study of academic courses offered in various engineering colleges of Tulunadu against Mechatronics/Robotics, Nano Technology & Biomedical Engineering.

Mechatronics/Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Apart from Manipal University which offers B.Tech. in Mechatronics and M.Tech. in Industrial Automation & Robotics other colleges offering these courses are MITE (M.Tech. Mechatronics, Bosch Rexroth Centre of Competence), Karavali Institute of Technology (M.Tech in Industrial Automation & Robotics), Shree Devi Institute of Technology (M.Tech in Industrial Automation & Robotics). We already know that SMVITM has 'Centre of Excellence for Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning'. Alvas Institute of Engineering & Technology has Eyantra Robotics Laboratory. Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management has Artificial Intelligence and Image processing & computer Vision Laboratories. None seems to be interested in Biomechatronics/Biorobotics though they may be teaching it as a small part of general course on Mechatronics/Robotics.

Nano technology

Manipal University offers M.Sc. in Nanoscience and Technology. Manipal University also offers M.Sc. inPhotonics, Biophysics, Nanoscience and Technology. Srinivas Institute of Technology (B.E.), Mangalore Institute of Technology & Engineering (M.Tech.). Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management has Center Of Excellence in Nano-Science & Technology (CENT), Materials Science (Technology of Nano-materials) Environmental Chemistry Laboratory. We should not expect them to do much in Nanomedicine, Nanobionics, Nanophotonics etc. And we have to wait & check whether MRPL opt for nanopolymers project. (Ban disposal of micro-plastic into sea, fishers forum urges Centre, Impact of Nanotechnology, Nano - Environmental, Health, and Safety Issues - whether colleges teach these things?).

Biomedical Engineering & Technology

So, out of courses listed under BEERI in the above post (Startup Kudla: Education, Innovation & Research) we have M.Sc. & M.Tech. Bioinformatics available at MIT, Manipal. MIT also has Biomedical Engineering B.Tech. & M.Tech. courses. Nitte University offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences, M.Sc. Molecular Medicine and Cancer Genetics. Both Manipal & Nitte teach Biotechnology. There are many colleges including engineering colleges teaching Biotechnology but except Manipal & Nitte many of them may or may not be covering Medical Biotechnology.

But not sure to what an extent they cover different subjects listed under BEERI in the above post. What we need for Mangaluru region is atleast one college having exclusive Biomaterial deparment. As I have posted earlier we need biodental, biocosmetic startups (including bioplastic startups inspite of hoping that Plastic Park will have its own incubation centre) for 'regenerative medicine' to encourage 'cruise medical tourism' and hence we need a college with 'Centre of Excellences' for different subjects under Biomaterial especially on Molecule, Cellur, Biosurface & Tissue Engineering and Synthetic Biology. Nitte, Yenepoya, AJ Shetty, Srinivas are good candidates as they teach both medicine and engineering (Manipal University has but not in Tulunadu). Out of these AJ Shetty & Srinivas are more ideal having both medical & engineering colleges in an integrated campus. AJ Shetty has advantage of being near to the core city and Srinivas has advantage of being an autonomous university. We also need colleges with exclusive departments for 'Biomedical Electronics & Instrumentation', 'Biomedical Signal & Image Processing' etc in Mangalore itself.

On 'Health Management' side, Manipal University has deparments of Health Information Management, Public Health etc, we have a few colleges offering Hospital Management courses but we don't know to what an extent 'Health/Medical Informatics' is taught. (Remember reading in a news paper that Nitte University is offering 'Master of Public Health' degree). We need exclusive management course on 'Health Information Management' exploiting all fields of Health Informatics.

Hope Mangalore University introduces 'Bachelor/Master of Data Science' degrees with specialization in various domains like Bioinformatics, Marine Informatics, Petrochemical Informatics, Manufacturing Informatics, Education Informatics, Tourism Informatics, Agricultural Informatics etc. Also BBA/MBA in Health Information Management, Tourism Information Management, Educational Information Management, Marine Information Management, Agricultural Information Management, Manufacturing Information Management etc so that undivided Dakshina Kannada will have good resource planning capabilities in its 'Domains of Excellence'.

By the way, whether the state government has released money for Belapu Science Centre, Udupi project? Let us hope that Belapu centre works on our 'Domains of Excellence'.

Karnataka is ahead in the digitisation race: IT minister Priyank Kharge
Which other areas in Karnataka are being developed as IT hubs apart from Bengaluru?

It is very difficult to develop an IT hub from the scratch, until and unless there is some ready ecosystem. Just opening a park wouldn’t entail anything. Fortunately, Karnataka has a lot of traction when it comes to tech and innovation.
Both the central and the state government had invested a lot of money of the country and the state in the parched city to create that 'ready ecosystem'. When will the state government at least (if not the centre) going to invest the same amount of money in other cities of the state to create similar ecosystem? Instead of answering this question the minsiter is beating around the bush for timepass. As government has already developed a city with ecosystem for South-East Karnataka now it is time to focus & spend government money on other parts of the state and create one city each for South-West, North-West, North-East and Central Karnataka one by one so that they come up with 'ready ecosystem'.

Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
Whether Mangalore can think of Kidzania? Instead of every mall having videogames facilities one of them can have something like Kidzania.
Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
Along with this what colleges need is workshop with facilities like CNC machines, welding machines, plastic welding/joining machines etc for making models using wood, plastic etc. (1,2,3)(Can this be clubbed with Skill Development Programme at colleges?). And we require hobby shops supplying all modeling accesories (aicraft, ship, robot etc modeling)(not only kits but also parts & individual accessories so that kids can have their own design instead of assembling ready made kit. more than what is available at Kinetic Hobbies) needed for student projects of school kids as they are not allowed to work on machines. Currently searching for these accessories is a big task.
We should convert 'Kidzania' to 'Hobbyzania' ( or 'Startup Theme Mall' or 'Startup Theme Park') and have it in Mangalore with various modeling facilities, for example, kids can assemble bigger models (bigger compared to what can they do with hobby kits and much closer and resembling to real-life machines or industrial plants) of a petrochemical complex or a ship from isolated parts. The startup company 'Hobbyzania' need not worry about who will help them in creating parts of these models as we have enough talented people - from Skull scarcity for studies? Fret not, get artificial ones to festival tablo makers except that kids friendly materials like plastic should be used for making parts. (I don't know whether such a concept or facility for kids is available anywhere in the world. Even Kidzania activities does not include this. I searched google like 'Hobby Mall'. 'Hobby Theme Park' etc and found none.) Hope some plastic moulder will also help to manufacture components needed by models. I think even an 'Old Tile Factory' can be converted as 'Hobbyzania'. The 'Hobbyzania' itself, in addition, can have hobby stores supplying hobby accessories and kits. And it can even introduce children on how 'business incubator centers' work just like Kidzania educates children on other business/industrial activities. While Kidzania requires a lot do to align with the theme of 'Skill India', Hobbyzania can be aligned well with 'Startup India' from the beginning itself in the 'Domains of Excellence' of a city and surrounding region. What we require in Mangalore is both 'Kidzania' and 'Hobbyzania' but giving priority to our 'Domains of Excellence'.

Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
Let us hope in addition all types of boats will be replaced by electric boats. I think battery is enough to operate boats even beyond 40 nautical miles. Anyway boats and cars can have solar roofs also. In addition there could be electric tankers for recharging boats if needed or even offshore floating/fixed wind mills (what a nice place, to halt & recharge, will be a floating/fixed restaurant attached to wind mill) or offshore fixed/floating solar plants with proper anchorage as recharging points. Even wave & under sea current options can be explored. For passengers, initially we can have electric boats operating between Mangaluru Old port and Malpe port at normal speed and then highspeed electric boats can be introduced extending service to airport. Next would be Boat Rapid Transit System.

Mangaluru-Mumbai travel by an eletric boat with say 300 km battery mileage may require three recharging points offshore or onshore at in between ports.

Who knows in near future there may also be efficient electrical amphibious vehicles!
One question is how much time it will take to charge a battery irrespective of whether it is of a land based vehicle or a boat on water. In case of autorikshaws using LPG currently it will take 2 to 3 minutes to change cyclinder. So, it could be better to have rechargeable but replaceable battery in electrical vehicles and boats. In charging stations these batteries should be exchanged with already recharged batteries. This operation further has to be automated by developing a 'Battery Replacing Mechatronic Arm'. In this case vehicles should have a battery chamber with lockable door. Just like door of a car one should be able to unlock battery door sitting in the vehicle itself. And then 'Mechatronic Arm' will do the rest supported by automated conveyor belt, recharging arrangement. Vehicle owner will charge & pay through mobile or whatever without getting down. Manual switch over to battery replacement should be easy in case of failure of automated system. But at home, office or even at recharging station itself vehicles can be recharged directly from electrical line. I think 'Mechatronic Arm' development project can be taken up by any of colleges teaching Mechatronics (MITE has advantage of Bosch Rexroth tieup). Still for electrical boats in case of offshore recharing stations I suggest floating/fixed restaurants also.

Generally autodrivers carry one more spare cylinder and replace cylinder manually when it becomes empty. But electrical vehicle should be designed to switch from one battery to other automatically. Two battery system is needed so that you can exhaust power stored in a battery completely (or 90% for better battery life?) while continue driving using other battery till nearby recharge station for replacing empty one. So disadvantage of this system is that it may need more number of stops. To solve this problem, recharge station should measure left over battery power and reduce your cost in proportion to power left. That will overcome need for spare battery (actually means split battery system or two battery system).

Two more disadvantages and solutions will be like this. First, the 'Mechatronic Arm' should be able to detect any damages to battery and be able to reject it or recover damage cost. Second, to take care of battery life a built in system is needed in vehicle recharging system to monitor battery power level and warn user of battery going down and cut off usage & recharging within specified levels.

This is second mechatronic project I am suggesting, first one being mechatronic Jet Bridge for Boat Rapid Transit System & High Speed Boats.

Tuckout: App will allow you to open your kitchen to customers

What are the DGCA rules for usage of drones for non-photographic purposes like agriculture or construction? Recently DGCA imposed restrictions on drone usage for photographing functions like marriage asking them to get prior permission. In this case whether only permitted farmers are supposed to use drones?

... continued in the next post in the same page.

Let curse be upon those politicians or bureaucrats or any other person if they steal any idea from here to implement in the parched city or any other mega metro city.

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Startup Kudla: Education, Research & Innovations

Rs. 50 crore granted for research centre: VC
The State government has granted Rs. 50 crore to Mangalore University to develop an advanced research centre at Belapu in Udupi district, says Vice-Chancellor K. Byrappa.

At the academic council meeting of the university on Thursday, he said the centre would have advanced research facilities and would not offer postgraduate courses. The fund has to be utilised within three years. In the second phase of the project, the government has promised to sanction Rs. 25 crore. It has asked the university to put in an equal amount as its share.

The university has prepared a detailed report for the Rs. 120-crore project. In addition to the 20 acres handed over to the university at Belapu village, the government is in the process of transferring another 15 acres. With this, the university will have 35 acres there. It had originally sought 100 acres.

The government had announced plans to establish the centre in its 2014-15 budget using funds from the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan.

According to Mr. Byrappa, the centre will be developed along the lines of the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, and Tsukuba, a planned science city in Japan.
Rs 50 crore for university's advanced science centre
Expansion mode

The university is also set to expand its base geographically, with the government allotting 35 acres of land in total at Belapu, the postgraduate centre.

Though the university had in its possession 20 acres of land earlier, the land remained to be transferred to it. Now, the government has given its consent for additional 15 acres of land taking the total extent of land holding to 35 acres along with right to tenancy certificate (RTC). While the main PG campus at Konaje will be getting additional 40 acres, followed by 26 acres at Nelyadi. Another PG centre at Chikka Aluvara at Kushalnagar in Kodagu district has been allotted additional 10 acres of lands, the VC told reporters.

Three new courses

Beginnining from the new academic year, Mangalore University will introduce three new courses.

VC K Byrappa said, “Two-year postgraduation course in medical physics will be started, followed by PG diploma in cyber security and PG diploma in finance and banking technology, with the duration of one year each.”

Five new departments including mass communication and journalism will be started at the PG centre in Chikka Aluvara in Kodagu district from this year, he added.
Hope the centre will focus on medicinal plants (including water plants), marine pharmacognosy, nanomedicine etc.

Mangaluru is state’s next start-up destination

The Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) is very excited on this big push for the district and have also submitted a proposal to the State government for an incubation hub. Jeevan Saldanha KCCI president speaking to Bangalore Mirror said that we have to succeed for the sake of our youngsters. There are 8,000 engineers passing out from 22 engineering colleges in Dakshina Kannada every year. We need to give them employment. Mangaloreans have been successful all over the world, he said.

“For this we need a couple of incubation centers. Other than what the Union government has proposed, the KCCI has put forth proposals before the State government for setting up an IT incubation centre of 20,000sq ft. The proposal has been sent by the Chamber and the approval from the ITBT secretary is awaited.

The top officials are confident of getting the required funds. There is an additional 10,000 Sq ft which is going to come as innovation hub for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM). The proposal is for a 40 acre Electronics Manufacturing hub in Dakshina Kannada. Land at Baikampady has been already been identified of which, the KCCI has requested the government to reserve land for small scale industries too.

Apart from this, the KCCI is keen on adding about 50 acres to the Bagundi Lake. The focus is on the overall development of the district. We have also spoken to the Tourism Department so that the lake is developed into a tourist spot. We can consider water sports activities and a floating restaurant too, “said Jeevan Saldanha.

These initiatives should give opportunities to youngsters and prevent them from migrating to other places like the Middle East. The KCCI is confident that his proposal will gain momentum in the next 2-3 years.

On why Mangaluru has an edge over Bengaluru, he said, Mangaluru’s advantange is ease of working, proximity and commuting time is less in Mangaluru. Quality of Life Index is high here. The population is literate. “This can be ascertained through the GST registration and migration figures. When Karnataka’s average was 70 per cent, on June 15 the registration for GST and migration in Dakshina Kananda revenue district including Udupi was 92 per cent, indicating that we are 22 per cent above the state average. People are business savy. There are about 1.2 lakh registered dealers in the revenue district. When it comes to compliance rating, the district enjoys a top position. The revenue and tax collection rates are also high,” KCCI president said.
Looks like Bagundi is better place for "Hobby Theme Park" (even Kidzania can be included) compared to Old Tile Factories. Following facilities/activities can be made available at Bagundi.
  • About five acres open lawn for hobby flyers. (What I meant by hobby flyers are hobbyists who make their own small toy models, not the flying club type. Flying Club can come up in current airport when new airport is realized.) Currently people are using places like openspace near Maryhill Helipad. Once reserved facility comes up all activities of hobby flying, hot air balloon etc can be conducted here.
  • A shallow pool in which kids can test hobby toy boats, submarines, ships etc {1,2,3 - though these videos show ready made toys our kids should be assembling them instead. 1,2,3 - these videos show parts prepared by using some big cutting/drilling machines instead they should be available readymade at hobby store or workshop at park should prepare and provide them.} Kids should not get drowned even if fall into pool. This pool can have marked lanes for holding model boat competitions. Interestingly a seaplane (float plane/flying boat) model should be able to take off from this pool and then fly into open lawn even though most of facilities should be indoor so as to be active during rainy season also.
  • A big pool for teenage kids for testing real prototypes of boats {1,2,3,4,5}. Boatlift & slipway facilities from Modeling Arena to pool can also be provided. Even this pool should be shallow compared to Bagundi lake but should have connecting gate to lake so that once boats successfully tested in the big pool can enter the bigger lake in case kids know swimming.
  • A small dam for testing models of turbines & electricity generators. There could be an artificial waterfall to add attraction. In case of wave or underwater current turbines & electricity generators facility is needed for generating wave and underwater current. But if we overdo things then it will become research centre rather than hobby park. For example, creating facility for testing wind mills is a big task but a small model can be tested with normal stand/pedestal fans.
  • Modeling Arena mentioned as Hobbyzania in the above post. (Hobbyzania will have dummy models for hazardous ones like industrial plants but real working models for others. Even dummy models should educate children on all stages of processing in an industrial plant. As another example solar pump can be a real working model but enough precaution should be provided to safeguard children against electrical hazards.) Identifying & creating models & then providing testing facilities is really a challenging job. {1,2,3,4,5}
  • In case of a few model which may require more than a day to assemble lodging facility may be needed for kids & parents coming from far off places.
  • New models should be introduced regularly. So, a permanent model creation team is needed. This team can itself be a team of hobbyists.
  • Hobby stores - Hobbyists can come up with their own design and get parts from hobby store or get it done or make it at workshop attached to hobby store. Hobbyists can even sell their products to others through these stores.
  • Exhibition hall were students can display their models. A few of the models can be made available for reassembling also. In that way there will be opportunities for hobbyists also to earn pocket money.
  • Holding of regular interschool, interdistrict competitions etc.
  • Free morning or evening pass of three days or a week for children who want to get trained in flying toy planes or boats. (Maryhill openspace is available for free of cost, so should be this one.) And yearly memberships for those who need it.
  • The Park should regularly publish books on model designs. For all the published models Hobby Stores should be able to supply accessories. The Theme Park can also publish video books or in youtube. Can also conduct regular TV programmes.

Though this facility is far off from central business district the hobbyists from surrounding areas like Surathkal can use it on regular basis.

Question is what are the incentives the governments can provide to such kind of educational theme parks including Kidzania type of educational cum entertainment centres in tier-II & tier-III cities. Best thing is to include 'Startup Theme Park' or 'Hobby Theme Park' under Startup India scheme.

Undivided DK may require totally ten such 'Startup Theme Parks'. Bagundi, Pilikula, around Deralakatte, around Padil-BC Road, Uppinangadi junction and Puttur for DK and Mannpalla, one more between Udupi & Kapu, Karkala and Kundapura for Udupi district. Alternatively three or four of them could be main Startup Theme Parks and other can be hobby clubs as toy plane flying clubs or toy boat clubs. I am not familar with UK so no suggestion.

Turmeric can reduce dermatitis

'Startup coast' coming up in Karnataka
The ecosystem will comprise a 100-seater co-working space for budding entrepreneurs in Mangaluru, two innovation centres, about five incubation centres in colleges and around 30 tinkering labs in schools. Under the Atal Innovation Mission, Atal Tinkering Laboratories will be set up in different schools in this ‘startup coast’. Different schools have applied for this with the Niti Aayog. The innovation centres would be located at the National Institute of Technology in Surathkal and NMAM Institute of Technology under Nitte University.
All innovative educational methods like this are welcome.

Mangaluru: For these kids, it is more than just planting trees
Students asked to prepare chutneys, herbal drinks and art works from plants found around them
For the students of class nine, the theme was medicinal plants. They had to ask elders at home the importance of one medicinal plant and make a presentation on it. The students could extract oil or even prepare herbal drinks.
State's 7th Vetrinary college likely start in 2020

Nitte Universdity introduces B.Sc. Honors course in Biomedical Sciences

Summa: Subjects taught are Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Human Genomics, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology. Students also have opportunities to study Forensics Science, Bioinformatics.

Environment - Global Fuel Management: ISO 50001 for Manipal University

Whether NITK is considered for Smart Campus Cloud Network-SCCN project? {1,2,3,4,5}. I think even MITE with SIEMENS Centre of Excellence can go for smart campus. Even Bearys Institute of Technology backed by an organization who has vast experience in green buildings should go for it.

GeneXpert for Tuberculosis can detect viral load in HIV: Study

Karnataka Bank Annual Advertisement

Karnataka Bank has set up 'Financial & Statistical Research Centre' in its Mangaluru head quarters is a good news. Whether & to what extent they are going to create opportunities for 'Financial/Banking Informatics' graduates? If there is sufficient opportunities then whether they have tied up with any college to develop syllabus & recruitment? Or do they have plan to encourage startups in this sector?

I think it is high time Mangaloreans close their accounts in those banks which have ditched Mangalore after being taken over by the central government and open new accounts in new startup banks of Mangalore.

Yenepoya University is planning to set up an innovation and incubation centre
Yenepoya University is planning to set up an innovation and incubation centre to strengthen research activities and network, according to its Chancellor Y. Abdulla Kunhi. Addressing a gathering at the silver jubilee year celebration of Yenepoya Dental College at Deralakatte here on Monday, he said that the university would strengthen research activities in emerging areas such as 3D printing technologies, omics-technologies, patient relevant clinical and translational research.
Waiting for the first startup of DK in 'regenerative dentistry' and 'regenerative cosmetics' fields. (Read these new rules before going in for a `stem cell cure')

Centre for Sustainable Development to launch Green Skills Academy in Mangaluru over the next two years

... continued in the next post in the same page.

Let curse be upon those politicians or bureaucrats or any other person if they steal any idea from here to implement in the parched city or any other mega metro city.

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Mangaluru all set to become animation hub in Karnataka
Sandeep Moudgal | TNN | Updated: Jul 24, 2017, 07:27 AM IST

BENGALURU: Mangaluru is set to become the new hub of animation, visual effects, gaming and comics (AVGC). The government has envisaged huge potential for the coastal city to become the next hub after Bengaluru and drafted a policy for it.

"While Bengaluru is still in the scheme of things as the super hub of animation, considering its strong IT background, Mangaluru holds greater promise with animation companies there showing great potential," said IT-BT minister Priyank Kharge. Under the AVGC policy 2017-22, Kharge said it's looking at strengthening Tier II cities to reduce the strain on Bengaluru's infrastructure. He said 120 training centres in Tier II cities will be opened in collaboration with private players and the government has earmarked a venture fund of Rs 20 crore for AVGC startups.

"We have decided to allocate funds to only those companies registered in Karnataka and those having original content with national or global reach,'' he added. As part of this funding, Rs 50 lakh has been set aside as production grants. Soon, other possible incentives will be announced.

The government is also mulling over setting up a centre for excellence on the outskirts of Bengaluru to impart state-of-the-art education on animation and gaming. It has initiated talks with the School of Images Gobelins, Paris for an academic partnership. Gobelins, which is ranked No. 1 worldwide, is being roped in by Karnataka for planning the curriculum and creating a programme for AVGC.

"We have already had a few rounds of talks and Gobelins has expressed interest in setting up the centre of excellence," said the minister. The department is scouting for 15-20 acres to set up the centre. The AVGC sector employs around 20,000 people in the state, and the number is expected to grow over the next few years.
When the government is talking about 'Centre of Excellence for Animation' & investments in the parched city only how can Mangaluru become 'Animation Hub'? All election year blah blah! Anyway even a filmcity (at Kapu, Udupi) with 'Animation Studio' is welcome.

By the way, has the state government drafted any policy for making Mangaluru 'Healthcare Tourism Cluster' as proposed in Karnataka Tourism Vision 2015-2020 page 10? And even Mangaluru MP had stated that the central government is drafting a plan to make Mangalore Medical Tourism Hub. People of Kudla want to know now, actually which government is planning for this?

Okay. Here is update on Health/Medical Tourism Hub.

Health Tourism Project execution soon

Summa: Prior preparations are going on to implement Health Tourism Project for the first time in the country in DK district targetting Rs. 3,000 crores annual income and 30,000 jobs generation. Mindful Consulting company has prepared draft and submitted to NITI Ayog. NITI Ayog CEO Amitabh Kant is interested in executing the project. India expects annually 10,00,000 patients to visit India by 2020. And project aims to attract 5% of this to DK.

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Startup Kudla: Education, Research & Innovations

Yuvraj Singh signs on as brand ambassador for co-working chain Creator’s Gurukul
Yuvraj Singh backs co-working startup Creator's Gurukul
Creator's Gurukul's first co-working centre - with over 500 seats - is located in Gurugram. It plans to set up two more centres in Mangaluru and Delhi by the end of the year.
Hope Mangalore-rooted film stars also invest. Whether 'startup incubators' get any extra incentive under 'Startup Coast' scheme?

Toxic water: NITK Experts vouch for the membrane method

Anyone (say GSI or coastguard) using Submarine Drones in Mangalore? (The french company Tarkovacs was supposed to invest in renewable energy in Mangalore).

MRPL, OMPL engineers make their mark at World Petroleum Congress in Instanbul
MRPL and OMPL delivered technical works in AI and machines and future fuels from plastics. Srinivas Moturi and Satyavaraprasad Ganji, deputy managers, MRPL presented an OMPL co-authored technical work on in-house statistical code developed to carry process optimization. Deepthi C Upputuri, senior engineer gave presentation on maximization of P-Xylene yield in integrated refinery and petrochemical complex using nonlinear regression and statistical analysis.

Chayan Bhalla, deputy manager, MRPL presented a research work on conversion of waste and virgin plastics to valuable hydrocarbon fuels like petrol and diesel. The presentation is titled as petroleum refinery as plastic waste management hub that highlights potential of integrating plastic waste management with petroleum refinery process. The above presentations were well received by the knowledgeable gathering at this triennial congress.
Symposium on ‘Optics in Biology’ today
The School of Life Sciences, Manipal University, will hold a one-day symposium on “Advances in Bio-Optics, Biophotonics and Opto-genetics” here on Saturday.
Mangaluru: SJEC alumnus John Rodrigues featured in New York Times for CoffeeBot invention

MP Kateel thanks Minister for NIELIT
Dakshina Kannada MP Nalin Kumar Kateel on Thursday met Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology and thanked him for sanctioning National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology in Mangaluru.
Originally Posted by BolliBatlu View Post
Let us hope that NIELIT, Mangaluru will have 'Centre of Excellence for Medical Electronics' & 'Centre of Excellence for Health Informatics'. (All other facilities needed are listed against each NIELIT centres in website itself.)
Where is NIELIT coming up? How many acres of land is reserved for NIELIT? Will the land be sufficient if NIELIT thinks of setting up "Medical Electronics & IT Innovation Centre' also in future? Further it should be able to expand to Marine Electronics, Industrial Electronics etc also.

Whether Mangalore MP has a plan to bring Mechatronics/Robotics Institute of national stature to Mangalore? Mangalore also needs branches of National Institute of Ocean Technology & National Institute of Siddha.

Rural areas, tier-2 cities catch the startup bug
IT-BT Minister Priyank Kharge said as on Thursday, they have received more than 1,250 applications. “Close to 40 per cent of these applications are from rural and tier 2 cities. We have received applications from Hubballi, Kalaburagi, Kolar, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Bengaluru and other cities. This shows how the start-up trend is penetrating to rural areas and smaller towns,” he said. He said as many as 68 applications were received from from Kalaburagi district alone.
40% just reflects pathetic status of governance and step motherly treatment of other parts of Karnataka by GoK vis-a-vis the parched capital.

Drones set to replace labourers in spraying fungicide

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Apart from 'Video Games' & 'Motion Pictures' (including virtual reality & augmented reality) let the draft animation policy for Mangalore include Educational Animation, Medical Animation/Simulation including computational modeling & simulation {1,2,3,4}, Maritime Simulator, Ocean Modeling & Simulation/Animation {1,2,3,4} etc also.

We have B.Sc. (Animation & Visual Effects) educational course offered by colleges like Sharada, Canara (Of course Sanu Palace, MG Road itself has about five micro institutes teaching this subject and there are a few more on that road), PAC, AB Shetty. What Mangalore needs is colleges offering Animation courses targetting the specific domains listed above (other than video games & motion pictures). Although techniques are same subject knowledge will be added advantage here. What we need is one college teaching each domain-specific animation in Mangalore. Of course for simulation we need separate domain specific courses of 'computational modeling & simulation' {1,2,3,4,5} in different domains like medical, agriculture, transportation etc. Course material should include Computational Intelligence {1,2,3,4,5}. And if proposed NIELIT can introduce a course on 'computational modeling & simulation' at least in medical domain it would be great.

Karnataka government’s Pitch to Elevate 100 begins in Mangaluru
As many as 30 innovative applications were received for the Programme from Mangaluru region.
30:1700 is that a good ratio?
Surayanarayan, Governing board member of TiE Bangalore said: "Mangaluru has a rich and vibrant student community. With reputed colleges near the city of Mangaluru, the next step would be to harness the talent available. Pitch to Elevate witnessed some very innovative pitches from Life Sciences and Bio Tech sector. We are partnering with premier institutions to nurture start-ups in Mangaluru and soon we will see a tag of start-up district attached with Mangaluru. "
Free space for proposed startup and incubation centre approved

Elevate 100 programme gains momentum

Mangaluru University's constituent college at Nelyadi to open in next year

Namma Karavali brings stories from Coastal Karnataka in a language you understand

Stereoscopic 3D animation techniques to be used as medical teaching tool
Kishan, who is populary know as Master Kishan in the Cinema industry has come out with cutting edge technology-based product 'Medimagic' that brings a paradigm shift in the teaching and learning process, with support of Vinformax, a UK-based company, enrich the learning process of all concerned medical, dental, para medical sciences. The speciality of this product is that Kishan has developed the concept on stereoscopic 3D animation akin to technology that was adapted in the Oscar award winning movie 'Avatar'.
Education is fine. More interested in medical diagnosis applications.

3 Tesla MRI & Cath Lab Facility inauguration

As minister is visiting opportunity to request for one of Ministry of AYUSH - National Institutes. Sad nothing materialized.

Pay2Cart one-stop shopping hub opens its first outlet at Kulshekar

MRPL's portal for start-ups
Some of the focus areas for start-ups are: automation/robotics in hydrocarbon area, development of device for cracks/leak detection in pipelines, low-cost model for waste to energy, bio-fuel manufacturing, low-cost process for desalination of sea water, innovative waste disposal, and other open areas related to petroleum refining and alternate energy.

So, MRPL is not interested in Petrochemical Animation/Simulation (as there are enough petrochemical educational animation software in market?).

Yenepoya University to offer biotech skill enhancement programme
Addressing presspersons in Mangaluru on Wednesday, T.S. Keshava Prasad, Deputy Director of the Centre for Systems Biology and Molecular Medicine, said the centre has been awarded the BiSEP to conduct a one-year postgraduate diploma in multiomics technology. (Multiomics is an interdisciplinary subject that includes genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and proteogenomics.)

He said Yenepoya University is the only centre to offer BiSEP in multiomics technology. The centre has facilities and experts in this technology to undertake such a training programme.
SJEC awarded 'Best Performing College in Karnataka' by KSCST
A total of six projects from St Joseph Engineering College were sponsored by KSCST in this academic year. All six projects were shortlisted for exhibition/seminar and out of the six, two projects won the prestigious Project of the Year Award for their technical excellence and innovation. The project on 'Aero-Blending of Ethanol for Internal Combustion Engine' from the Department of Mechanical Engineering carried out by Rohan D’Souza and team and guided by Dr Joseph Gonsalvis, principal, won the Project of the Year award. From the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, the project Arecanut Tree Climber and Pesticide Sprayer by Jnanasagar Kamath and team, guided by assistant professor Divya Pai, also won the Project of the Year award. The above two awards along with the other four sponsored projects helped SJEC secure the Best Performing College in the State.

The other projects that were sponsored by KSCST this year were: Production of High Grade Liquid Fuel for CI Engine by Thermo-Catalytic cracking of Waste Plastic by Ashlin Leroy D’Silva and team under the guidance of John Paul and Ramya M, Paddy Cleaning Machine by Manish Nayak and team under the guidance of Ashwin Shetty, Design and fabrication of Arecanut Processing Unit by Vion Joseph Martis and team under the guidance of Yathish Kumar and Extraction of Oil Spillages from water bodies using Magnetorheological Fluid Principle by Varun Thomas and team under the guidance of Dr Binu K G.
Anyone is developing 'Mallige Maale' (मल्लिगे माले) making machine?

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Apart from Kaup Marine Hobby/Startup Theme Park (Marine & Photography/Filmography themes) other Hobby/Startup Theme Parks are

1) Bagundi - Clean Energy/Technology & Petrochemicals
2) Deralakatte or Pilikula - Medical/Healthcare
3) Manpalla - Medical/Healthcare
4) Puttur - Agriculture & Food Processing

And then Kundapur, Karkala, Uppinangadi & BC Road will also have hobby theme parks or clubs.
Wonder whether "Medical Startup Theme Park' can come up near Kanekere, Deralakatte.

Dubai: KEL talk on 'Startup - Idea to Execution' by Walter Vieira - Register online

Mangaluru: E-learning app Robomate+ launched for Mahesh High School students
Manipal University to organise Infectious Diseases Conference on August 22
SJEC secures first place in Karnataka in SAEINDIA e-BAJA
Focus on robotics, artificial intelligence, says Mohandas Pai

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Sagarmala Project: Karnataka seeks Rs 8,741 crores for fresh skill development projects

Most of Sagarmala seems to be for UK. But there is chance of Marine college in Mangalore or Udupi as UK can get Naval Colleges at Karwar. (Actually this would be Maritime College as the university in Chennai is Maritime University not Marine University). I hope more colleges dealing with other domains of Marine Science and Technology like deep sea mining, Marine Pharmacognosy, Marine Robotics to open in the region in future and then together with Fisheries College to be upgraded as Marine University. GSI & KIOCL can work together to develop deep sea mining educational programme.
Will Managaluru MP request Shipping Ministry for Indian Maritime University (IMU) Campus in Mangalore with branches of institutes like Marine Engineering & Research Institute (MERI), National Institute Of ocean Technology (NIOT). Though NIOT comes under Ministry of Earth Sciences (Dr. Harsh Vardhan) a branch of this institute can come up in same campus of IMU in Mangaluru. Let Mangaluru IMU campus be a combined marine campus including maritime institutes. Except for Karnataka all other southern states are having IMU campuses. And MP should also take interest to discuss on Karnataka Maritime Board which is required not only for fisheries but also to develop highspeed maritime transportation network.

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Nitte university bags Rs 1 crore consultancy contract for fishery exports action plan from Odisha govt

Looks like Odisha government is taking first step towards Fisheries Resource Planning or Fisheries Informatics software system.
I was checking College of Fisheries, Mangalore website for academics. Wonder whether they can introduce a course on Fisheries Management {1,2} or Fisheries Information Management. It would be great if they can work on Fisheries Animation/Simulation {1} and 'Fisheries Informatics' & 'Computational Fisheries Science & Economics' ((including Modelling of Fish Population) {1} along with proposed NIELIT (or AIMIT).

Karnataka: Gaming an emerging sector, says Priyank Kharge - There is nothing for Mangaluru in the Animation Policy. Why not the state government change the policy heading as "The parched city animation policy" instead of projecting it as "Karnataka Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics (KAVGC) Policy" to deceive people of Karnataka. Karnataka is not trying to be a Silicon Valley, says IT minister Priyank Kharge - The state government is not doing anything to make whole Karnataka as Innovation Hub. It does not have any policy to spread innovation across Karnataka. It is focusing only on the parched city. If at all "Startup District" project came to coastal region it is because of the central government and the state politicians are kept away from the decision making. Otherwise it would have also gone to the parched city. Also Mangaluru MP did good thing by proposing for NIELIT directly. Hope he will request for IMU campus also directly without keeping the state politicians in loop as the state government has already forgotten its promise on Maritime College for coast.

To summarize earlier posts on marine domain , currently Mangalore has CMFRI branch and Fisheries College, what we need is a "Marine Knowledge City" with following
This Knowledge City can come up in Mulki so that it will be close to sea and proposed Padubidri airport and also suggested Marine Hobby/Startup Theme Park, Kaup. So, Padubidri Airport will have MU Belapu Research Facility, Film city, Marine Knowledge City and a few more knowledge zones in domains like Healthcare, petrochemicals (RGIPT or Petrochemical University). Tannirbhavi may be another suitable location for Marine Knowledge City as Marine Biotech Park was proposed here earlier.

Karnataka would have got these institutes a long back. But, Karnataka government which always focused all its efforts on a single city neglected marine domain totally as that city does not have sea. (How about creating a sea tunnel so that that city will also have desalination plant and underground seaport there itself as it is already planning to have undergound infrastructure like roads? Just joke! And suppose that if they ask since Mangaluru has sea the parched city should have Marine Knowledge City what will we do?). Let us not be fool to thin the state government will come up with any Marine Policy. So ask for things with the centre directly.

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Two problems mentioned are movement across dams and other one is pollution. To overcome first problem, that is not to have watergates/waterlocks, we need amphibious vehiles (Amphibians will move to land and then back to river and viceversa)(or lifts/conveyors {1,2} for boats). We also need startups to develop 'amphibious passenger vehicles' of the height of a car (to use as a passenger bus with door on each side for each row of seats so that it can pass under roadbridges of shorter heights on watercanals easily, boarding and landing is when amphibian is at land station only in case of fresh waterbodies), amphibious barges {1,2}, amphibious multipurpose dredgers {1,2}, amphibious houseboats etc. I think engineering colleges near rivers and sea like Sahyadri, NITK may go for this. Let all amphibians be electrical vehicles. Note that by unloading/loading at land by barges pollution is reduced to an extent except for submerging of barges due to accident & battery leaks at waterbodies. Enough operational and safety features should be built against this like not allowing amphibious vehicles to carry hazardous cargos, battery replacement or repair when travelling/halting through/near fresh waterbodies. (Anyway currently there is no objection of any type for recreational boats on waterbodies. As such many boats are already used in many places). Hope mud on barge/boat tyres will not be an issue as waterbodies have enough of them already but properly sloped concretized clean road should be there at approach to waterbodies. But one issue is that amphibious barges may not be as efficient as ordinary barges for saving fuel/energy as they have the extra load (weight & drag) of being amphibian. Anyway for movement across saline part of Netravati & Phalguni we may still use ordinary barges. And suggested 'Boat Rapid Transit System' also uses saline water region from Maravoor vented dam till proposed Harekala vented dam.

Recreation boats, highspeed boats and barges in same waterbodies - worried what will happen? Then wait for a later post!

Wenlock Hospital to start Paramedical Education

I am thrilled that Mangalurean girls are creating such an impact in showbiz: Pooja Hegde - There are many of them who are thrilled about Tulunadu & who also want to contribute to Tulunadu's growth by investing in startups or filmcity or some other way. We have to have a 'Kudla Stars Forum' just like NRI Forum. And the Mayor may try to contact people like Sunil Shetty, Amrita Rao or Ananth Nag (Did you know that Nag stands for Nagaraj in case of Nag brothers and also Aishwarya Nag who also is from Tulunadu?) who always expressed their pride to be Mangalorean to form such a forum.

Let curse be upon those politicians or bureaucrats or any other person if they steal any idea from here to implement in the parched city or any other mega metro city.

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Air Transportation

Easing of entry, exit for Bangladesh travelers to India through 24 international airports including MIA

Mangaluru airport may be shifted to improve facilities
Govt looks at new option after expansion plan fails to take off
“The Director, Mangaluru Airport, had said expansion of Mangaluru Airport will cost Rs 1,120 crore. But, there was no information on financial viability in the proposal. The AAI has not committed to bear the expenditure of the project. As the airport belongs to AAI and there is no commitment from AAI on the cost, the CM had directed that a feasibility study be conducted for expansion of the airport on a PPP basis. The report submitted by iDeck revealed that it is not feasible to develop the airport on PPP basis,” Deshpande explained. In April 2017, the AAI had written to the government to consider sharing of costs besides providing free land.

The minister said that recently the AAI had suggested four options for construction. “None of the four options are feasible considering their nature including filling up of the valley with 1,200 truck loads of mud every day. Implementation of all these options would require Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 crore. Hence, the government is mulling alternative solutions,” he said.

Deshpande also revealed that the government is examining the possibility of extending the runway up to an extent of 33 acres for the critical mandatory requirement for safe landing of aircrafts currently and in the near future.
Plans to set up additional airport between Udupi and Mangaluru
“A proposal of restructuring of Mangaluru International Airport on an additional area of 286 acres has been submitted to AAI. As the airport comes under, AAI, it has to take a final call on this matter. AAI has opined that it is difficult to acquire 286 acres of land. AAI also proposed four alternative plans. When the state government studied these four proposals, all looked impractical. Ultimately it was decided to carry out survey on the possibility of runway extension on 33 acres land and opening of additional airport between two coastal cities.” Deshpande added.
Why all four proposals are impractical? There is enough building waste generated in Mangaluru that can be used for filling by asking builders to dump waste there. Acquire land in stages and let builders fill them in stages. If each year 50 acres land is acquired then filling 286 acres will take around 7 years. Don't worry, Mangalore Builders will extend all help to build runway. It will not cost Rs. 4,000 or 5,000 crores. Or impractical because land identified for acquisition belongs to politicians or their relatives? The state and the central governments just does not have any intention to develop MIA. New airport is just a tactic to delay the matter. The state government has only money for Yettinahole project and desalination plants to ruin Dakshina Kannada district.

And there is a different value for cost below.

State govt. to look into possibility of extending Mangaluru airport runway
The State has to provide the required land for expansion and upgrade free of cost and free from all encumbrances to AAI. Following this, a meeting was held between the Chief Secretary and AAI chairman, Mr. Deshpande said.

With the State spending Rs. 68.92 crore on land acquisition, rehabilitation and development of alternative roads so far, the Finance Department has said that the expenditure for future expansion has to be borne by AAI as Mangaluru airport belongs to AAI.

Subsequently, the director of Mangaluru airport had submitted a Rs. 1,120-crore proposal for expansion. An additional amount of Rs. 800 crore has been estimated for acquisition of 286 acres, including three hills, and to fill up the valley in the land, Mr. Deshpande said.
Sorake extends complete cooperation for airport at Padubidri

That makes distance between Kannur and Mangalore aiports about 150km. If it is new airport then decision has to be taken immediately and land acquisition has to be started soon. And design for multi-mode connectivity.

BR Shetty Interview
Q: You had put in a lot of efforts for direct overseas flights from Mangaluru airport. The airport is developing now. The late Dr V S Acharya when he was minister had suggested that an airport should be built at Udupi under PPP model. Recently minister R V Deshpande took up the issue and said that a survey is under way regarding the airport at Udupi. Do you have any information on it?

A: R V Deshpande clearly knows that it is a B R Shetty project. Efforts are on as the land is already available for the airport at Padubidiri.
If this new airport is so near to sea then even seaplanes can land/takeoff from sea itself and sail to/from airport terminal along with highspeed boats. That should reduce burden on runway to accommodate seaplanes. While highspeeds boats can connect to places like Bunder, Malpe, Bhatkal, Gokarna seaplanes can connect to Mannpalla lake, Moodbidre lake, Shringeri, Subramanya etc wherever lakes or rivers are there.

Note that even highspeed rail, hyperloop, metrorail, bus services etc should be integrated with airport terminal whenever they become reality.

I think minimum domestic connections to Mumbai and the parched city should be maintained at current airport even after new airport comes up. Otherwise it can be used for flying club or pilot training and coastguard operations.

Runway expansion at M'luru airport may not take off for now
Infrastructure giant L & T was asked to study and submit a report on runway expansion and it had submitted four proposals - all to increase the runway length from existing 2,450 metres to 3,450 metres.

According to sources, AAI has not shown interest in the expansion of the runway, owing to challenges, including table-top runway and high cost.

According to AAI, it is considered prudent to take steps to maximise operations at the Mangalore International Airport in the present scenario, limiting the operations to Airbus 320/321 and Boeing-737 with load penalty.

Mohapatras’s letter to Khuntia says the existing infrastructure, with the expansion of terminal building (proposed), can handle 5.5 MPPA (million passengers per annum) against the present capacity of 2 MPPA and it is likely to saturate only by 2030.

The 20 lakh passengers include five lakh international passengers per year.

However, Khuntia said acquisition of 34 acres of land to set up RESA (Runway End Safety Area) will be done as per the directions of DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation).
What is the progress so far on new airport at Padubidri?

Mangaluru: Airport runway expansion plan found to be unviable, shelved for now
Speaking to daijiworld, Mangaluru airport director V V Rao said the project is not viable. "The current Mangaluru airport is sufficient to handle 5 million passengers a year. As of now, we are handling 2 million passegers a year. The expansion of the runway spending Rs 12,000 crore is not required as of now. It depends on how many Dreamliners show their interest in this airport. There is no meaning to spending more than Rs 10,000 crore only for one or two Dreamliners. The current runway is catering to Airbus 320, 321 and Boeing 737. These Airbuses are not facing any problems. In future if more Dreamsliners show interest, we can think about the expansion."
This 12,000 crores is ten times less than 1,20,000 crores NH-75 upgradation project. Why?

‘We don’t have enough trained pilots ’

As long as I remember it was then Aviation Minister Praful Patel who promised for the first time that if the state government hands over the requisite land the centre is ready to extend runway. And AAI took the same stand. Now it is Industrial Minister Deshpande who questioned that stand and forced AAI to change its stand. What is the link or relationship?

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Water Transportation

Thimmappayya well quenches NMPT’s thirst
Going green: NMPT becomes energy independent
The New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) has become the first among 12 major ports in the country to go completely green, without depending on external sources for energy and water and extending green cover in its sprawling premises, say port authorities.

“The daily power requirement of about 26,000 units for the port operations, including the residential colony, is being taken care by solar power generated from about 5.2 MW plants,” said NMPT chairman P.C. Parida. He said no other port had yet become self-sufficient in power.
Mr. Parida said public sector undertakings can produce more solar power and feed it to the grid if the government offers land free of cost on lease. NMPT is prepared to invest on solar plants if the land is given and sell the power to power supply companies, he said.
Is NMPT planning for offshore power plant? As I posted earlier if offshore power plants are set up at suitable distances then electrically operated boats can be recharged in sea also. As NMPT takes a role in fisheries harbour development projects it can also take a guiding role for development of offshore power plants and electrical boat building yards. GSI, Mangalore can help in finding suitable locations.

'City of the Young' Part V: An Ocean Terminal for Mangaluru

Let us see how they build Port based Smart City at Maravoor. If rather can suggest what are the port based activities can be conducted from there it would be useful for planners.


Key depts divided on waterways proposal for 11 rivers in state


Gadkari to lay foundation stone for all-weather fishing harbour at Kulai
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Mangaluru set to join league of green cities
Mangaluru will soon join the league of green cities in the country by gradually switching to natural gas for industrial, automobile and domestic purpose. GAIL (India) Ltd., which is executing the Kochi-Koottanad-Mangaluru natural gas pipeline, is confident of commissioning it by September next
The 438 km Kochi-Koottanad-Mangaluru natural gas pipeline enters construction phase

Mangaluru, which is slated to become a Smart City, will soon join the league of green cities in the country by gradually switching to natural gas for industrial, automobile and domestic purpose.

GAIL (India) Ltd., which is executing the 438-km Kochi-Koottanad-Mangaluru natural gas pipeline, is confident of commissioning it by September next even as it has got assured demand for over 4 million cubic metres (MCM) per day from industries. The Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board has to take a call on domestic and automobile supply of LNG.
The pipeline will pass through Mudipu, Konaje, Arkula, and Malavoor after entering Karnataka at Kairangala village to reach Mangalore Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd. (MCF) initially. MCF would use LNG as the feed to produce urea.

Another major industry, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals (MRPL) too will get LNG for feed to produce several products and also for fuel. MRPL is ready with the design to receive LNG, said Director (Refinery) M. Venkatesh.

Besides MCF and MRPL, other major and medium industries in the region too will use LNG either as feed or fuel, said Mr. Mathew.
Same heading will be repeated again when Mangaluru will switch over from LNG to electricity through renewable sources.

Opposition from landowners
GAIL: land handover work on

Mangaluru chosen to implement biodiversity programme supported by Germany

Mangaluru City Corporation to act against street vendors hampering traffic

What are the basic facilities street vendors are expecting?

IMD’s plan does not take off
There are 24 Doppler radars in the country, but none in Karnataka. In 2011, it seemed like this would change when IMD laid the foundation for setting up radars in two places: a 20-acre plot at Hessarghatta in Bengaluru and a 5-acre plot in Mangaluru. Nothing has happened since.
Mayor tells street vendors to shift to vending zone

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