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Old Posted Nov 16, 2019, 5:30 PM
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Some news for Manitoba: Vale Announces 1 Billion Investment in Mining Operations in Thompson.

Favourite Cities: New York and Chicago (Others are good too)
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Old Posted Yesterday, 4:33 PM
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UCP up to their old tricks already. Fat cat trips for them, service cuts for you!

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Old Posted Today, 4:30 AM
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Originally Posted by MacLac View Post
Only Horgan and Fidel Castro Jr. care about climate targets.....I like what Trump is doing and pulling the US out of all these bogus climate accords....too bad we didn't have a PM that had a set of nuts and did the same....
Perhaps you you should join the dungeon raid on the Yellow Brick Road if you think Trudeau is in search of his testes. Perhaps you can pick up a brain and some courage along the way and realise this venting isn't helping the conversation along when you bring up old conspiracy theories to pad out your thoughts.

We had to clean up this thread because of this derail so perhaps remind yourself what a constructive conversation is or perhaps you can excuse yourself from the conversation if you can't do that.
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