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Originally Posted by once View Post

We aren't comparing apples to apples here. Trudeau has made some missteps, but you can could the actual failed policies on one hand. This is after 3 years of a Trudeau majority compared to 4 years of a Harper majority.
Very few policies have actually been implemented so it is hard to tell which ones will fail or succeed. Climate change is in limbo, pipeline is in limbo, NAFTA is in limbo, pot doesn't start until next month, CPP reforms do not start in 2019, UN Security Council vote is not until next year.

He has abandoned several key promises (notably electoral reform) implemented several Harper-era policies (CETA, Phoenix, TPP). He has done nothing on consequence on climate change, indigenous relations or to improve Canada's competitiveness or finances.
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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I'd say he's *OK* and would give him a pass mark.

I do think he means well but he's a bit teary-eyed for my liking. He also jumps too quickly at SJW causes as a fish would to a shiny lure, and like most politicians of his stripe these days does not focus nearly enough on economic inequality issues that are of greater import to a far larger cross-section of Canadians (usually including those that the high profile over the top SJW causes aim to help.)

He's also bungled or dangerously close to bungling a few key files that are fairly important ones for Canada.

All in all I don't think he deserves to get the boot, especially given the alternatives to him, but I'd like to see a bit of shaping up between now and Oct. 2019.

And another reason I don't want to see him out is that it's not just about him - it's also about his team. Which I think is pretty good. Certainly the best political team in the country - arguably by far.
Yeah, I agree with you on the team - that's the one redeeming feature of the JT government. Swapping JT, who's pretty useless, for... pretty much anyone else (Andrew Scheer, Tom Mulcair, or whatever else's available these days) while keeping the same MPs and same red majority we currently have would be an improvement, but as that's not possible, then I'm not sure the current version of the Libs, their idiot leader included, aren't the most okay option of all. (The two big parties are kind of interchangeable, anyway - but the current bunch of MPs is better for the Libs.)
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