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Old Posted Apr 4, 2011, 5:10 AM
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that would make the lemur happy, even though lemurs are often nocturnal.
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Old Posted Apr 5, 2011, 2:21 AM
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I am bunk with technology; today I somehow managed to recover some photos that I thought were lost. Unfortunately, upon uploading them to my flickr account, the quality of some of them completely went to shit. I apologize in advance if the clarity of some of these shots is suspect. I blame society.

I have only lived in Winnipeg for a few years, but here's s'more pics from the central portions of my lil' burg. Word!

Here's some colour for y'all:

Just pretend the outcome is like this because it's a zillion degrees out:

Yep. I don't get it. I could have gotten a sharper image using fuckin' pencil crayons:

Even the alleged virgin is blurry:

Winnipeg was first settled by the Romans around 112 B.C.E., but little evidence of this remains today:

This is a nice shot in the clear version I have saved on my laptop:


I hereby promise to attempt to post decent copies of the better pics in this set:

Not to reveal too much, but.... If you absolutely HAVE to be caught masterbating in public to a beautiful building, make sure it's one of these ones:

Ye Olde History:

The splendid Paris Building:

No mimes, either, but that should go without saying given the Anti - Mime Accord of 1971:

'Round my 'hood. Word:

This statue is of an important historical figure that I never bothered to learn the name of:

Far out:

Dig it:

This is, in the words of Dr. Phil, "Even clearer than my condescending, elementary ridicule of others to bolster my own vanity." Yeah. It's a clear version, somehow:

If YOUR city doesn't have seas of downtown surface parking lots, you're missin' out!

Can you spot the former Pizza Hut that's now just a Hut?

The ass end of our library; there is currently a public square type deal being constructed here. You may recognize this angle from the [stellar] film The Lookout:

This fella belongs in Paris:

It's true. This is where the President of the United States of America likes to chill out when "in a city nobody's heard of:"

Winnipeg's famous SUMMER, which generally lasts from about July 8th to July 11th:


Our fortified concrete bunker for when the Bolivians invade:

Part of the Red River College's downtown campus:

I'm an artist! And what I am trying to say in this piece is "windows:"

I imagine that's about as close as the stairway to heaven gets:

Our Exchange District:

Another cute one tucked away:

It's a real city, yo:

My Mandarin is rusty, but I think this says "Small blue sign with white borders and print:"

An eclectic fringe of the core:

A taste of the North End:

Thar she be:


We do have fish here, but by the time it gets this far inland it usually tastes like seafood, so I avoid it:

This partial skyline shot has been brought to you in part by Hashish:


Lookin' south-ish:

The Crossroads of Christ. Next time you see this sign, ask yourself "Would Jesus look both ways and check for flashing lights?"

Such a shame....

Across the River Red in the French quarter:

East central 'North End,' if that makes any sense:

Winnipeg has some of the most concentrated poverty in the nation:

And here we are:

Ah, the Red:

We do have our fair share of bridges:

In a city with pressing needs, a wall such as this falls on the list of priorities:

More grit:

People live here. In all of Canada, I suspect only Hamilton has areas of similar neglect:

Not a phone I would wish to use at two in the morning:

This is perhaps not an area often seen by visitors to the city:

More despair. I saw a couple hand-to-hand rock deals on this block while shooting:


The odd refreshing view across the river during the ugliest time of year:

Respezentin Point Douglas:

Based on a true sighting:

Let's leave this 'hood for a bit:

Ours is bigger. It's true:

The Planetarium, where one goes to see Power Point presentations on a ceiling:

.... but then City Council voted in favour of tossing THIS in the mix, claiming it would fit in well with the modernist buildings at the doorstep of our turn of the century warehouse district. Fuck:

Haven't seen a nicer curve since I caressed your sister's thigh:

Main Street:

What's really funny, though, is a huge fucking screen placed at the least accessible, most pedestrian AND automobile daunting intersection in the entire city. This, by the way, is Portage and Main, an intersection apparently famous, but for reasons I have yet to determine:

This town reminds me of Edmonton at times:

This is pretty nifty:

Last night slowly comes back to me....

.... and so it was that I asked my girlfriend where her new job was. "Nowhere special," she replied:

Inner city amusements:

Maybe a couple more from the North End before we call it a night:

Still only ONE lemur in this thread:

Case in point:

Ye Olde North End. 'End d'North,' as they call it some places. Probably.

Never been inside myself. But if they were giving away acid, I'd be sold:

Watching. Always. Always watching me. Watching me sleep. Watching me dream. Waiting to catch me off guard:

My street:



Never ask your grandmother where the extra money comes from:


A river ran through it. And then froze:

This was the first place I bought in the city, but I had to sell it, as the grounds proved to require too much upkeep for one awesome male and seven open minded and flexible super model gals:

Yep again:

On Wellington Crescent, approaching Osborne Village:

The Village, one of our trendier areas:

"Not Selling Drugs:"

This building is the stuff of urban legends:

A study in bland:

Above the law, or in front of it?

Now skirts can vote:

This church is old. Older than VHS, yo:


Almost done:

I will leave you with this lil' shot of the southern portion of the downtown core:

If you made it through all these shots, give yourself a pat on the back! I appreciate you meandering through my many photographs of dubious quality.

I will be back some day soon with better photographs, but until then, I'm off like a prom dress!

I'm gonna roll a blunt the size of Baltimore (metro, not municipal) and eat some cheese.


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Old Posted Apr 5, 2011, 3:58 AM
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Your commentary is weird, but I enjoy it. Thanks for touring some of the areas many of us hesitate to walk about to get some beautiful, if less pretty shots.
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Old Posted Apr 5, 2011, 4:39 AM
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You make me laugh, sir. Keep up the good work. Ha!
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Old Posted Apr 5, 2011, 10:38 PM
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Thanks again for the feedback, Folks! I shall learn what the hell I`m doing, and hopefully post some decent shots of other areas as well....
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Old Posted Apr 6, 2011, 3:46 AM
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More shots of your hood!
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Old Posted Apr 6, 2011, 6:04 AM
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Very colorful and informative thread...Now I feel like I've been dating Peg for...well, at least a few months! I'll definitely look forward to more of your tours, Lenin.
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Old Posted Apr 11, 2011, 12:04 AM
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My 'hood: Wolseley and West Broadway

Thanks again for all the feedback; it is appreciated.

Today I looked outside and said to myself "What a dismal, dreary day out. I should take a quick jaunt to take some unflattering photographs of my 'hood!" And that is exactly what I did.

This shot is crisp and clear because I am flawless. If this photograph seems blurry to you, it's not because I don't know how to take indoor pictures. It's because you're drunk:

I have spent most of my five-ish years in Winnipeg living in Wolseley, an old part of the city directly southwest of the downtown core. Just north and adjacent to Wolseley is the West Broadway area. The western terminus of Broadway intersects with Portage Avenue and becomes part of the Trans Canada highway system. East Broadway passes by the Manitoba Legislature and becomes a prominent downtown business street fronting some government buildings and the historic Fort Garry Hotel. This set will be of West Broadway, however, which is a transitional and arguably kinda rougher area bordering my exact neighbourhood of Wolseley.

Wolseley, though close to West Broadway, has a bit of a different feel. It is the slightly less commercial "granola belt" of the city. There are yuppies, young families, senior's complexes, Manitoba Housing developments, and various other homes and apartment buildings in the area. It is a funky, vibrant area with a beautiful, colourful housing stock, as well as "organic / hippie" type stores and cooperatives.

This is one of the few constituencies in Canada where both the Green Party and the New Democratic Party enjoy widespread support.

I will label some shots as either Wolseley or West Broadway, though the two areas are at times interchangeable.

Without further ado:

Around the corner from my pad in Wolseley:

Twelve Step Program in West Broadway:

These folks are obviously enthusiastic about Skittles:

A joint I used to frequent back in the day:

Looking south on Sherbrook Street in West Broadway:

This joint in West Broadway opened several months ago and billed itself as Canada's first exclusively vegan burger restaurant:

W - Broadway:

Here we find Osborne Village rising up south across the Assiniboine River:

Such a filthy time of year:

A private girl's school; 7 out of 8 provincial judges agreed that I shouldn't hang around here:

This building reminds me of Belgium:

Some West Broadway action:

You saw it here first, kids:

The dividing line between W.B. and Wolseley:

A local landmark and outreach centre:

West Broadway:

If you don't associate Winnipeg with high fashion, it's probably because this is really shitty fashion:

Pretty darn nifty:

I worked in this building when it was an international youth hostel; now it is a halfway house / addiction recovery centre:

Tiny (and sketchy) apartment block:

Eclectic Wolseley:

So many gems:

Yep. It's election time:

Most of these homes are from the 1890s - 1910s era:

This pad belongs somewhere along the shore in Halifax:

This place in Wolseley has has the renting sign up for years; I doubt this is the case, as Winnipeg currently has available rental units hovering around 0.7%, the lowest availability in the nation:

Lotsa brick in this burg:

A sprinkling of St. Louis:

A touch of Wolseley colour:

This space for rent:

Seriously. What the fuck is up with this area and Skittles?

The tiny charms of Wolseley:

Another splendid school:

The Assiniboine River, which I probably spell differently each time:

It's that time of year again.... After 1950's massive flood, which covered much of the city, the Red River Floodway was built in what was the world's largest earth moving project at the time. The floodway partially surrounds the city in a sort of semi - moat that can be filled in times of need. This canal around our city has saved us from disaster several times, most notably in 1997's massive flood:

Damn hippies and their bikes:

Damn yuppies and their quasi - bikes:

It's true. You can look it up:

In times of hunger I attract hippies using bear traps filled with tofu:

A jolly place. And the dame workin' the till was sassy:

If you're not enjoying this tour, you're a bigot. Somehow:

If these scenes seem dead to you, remember that a) it's dreary out, and b) I try not to take too many shots of people in residential areas, unless it's quite busy with pedestrian traffic and I don't feel creepy or intrusive:

Damn ethical consumers. They're all like "sustainability" this and "quit throwing your fast food wrappers in the river" that:


In a hippie 'hood, you can't have too many of these:

Nifty nook in Wolselsy:

Winnipeg has a hell of a lot of these mid sized brick apartments:

Frozen in the '40's:

Typical Wolseley street scene:

A local success story:

Just waltz right in. You're expected!


A charming structure:

More Wolseley:

This neighbourhood has a stellar vibe:

Reppin' Wolseley:

Hell yeah:

I can dig it:

Some colour; this area kinda reminds me of certain 'hoods in Vancouver, but less pretentious, and actually relatively affordable:

Heading into West Broadway:

An area in transition:

This has been "now open" for over a year:


Oh, the potential:

Peeking into somebody's back yard along the Assiniboine, fronting Wolseley Avenue:

I encourage you to remember this collection next time you're temped to think Winnipeg is ALL ugly:

And that, as they say, is that. I hope you enjoyed an overcast tour of a pretty funky little area few people - even in greater Winnipeg - seem to know exists.

Tune in next week for full frontal nudity, narcoleptic polar bears, and a haiku about the film Darkman.
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Old Posted Apr 13, 2011, 10:02 PM
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Salutations, Folks. It's your friendly neighbourhood Dave - uh, I mean, Lenin - here. I'm back with another blissfully mediocre set of a few pics I snapped.

PLEASE feel free to tell me if the large number of photographs I posted within this thread are getting excessive; though I have been creepin' on this site for years now, I have only posted a couple photo sets before, and I'm still learning. I don't want to create a thread that's insanely slow to download, or cumbersome to navigate, etc. So if you have any suggestions that would make viewing my jazz a little more accessible or comfortable, feel free to give me a shout!

Without further ado, here's a couple more shots from the most massive tiny city I have ever been to. Or maybe the other way around?

Did I mention our surplus of Ukrainians?

This is the Misercordia Health Centre. Tha Miz, we like to call it. Parts are historic. Parts are bland 1960's tripe:

These are spooky trees. Little known fact: this is actually the filming location of the much anticipated sequel "The Blair Bitch Project," starring my ex girlfriend and a guy named Blair:

If you do too much acid in this town, you start to get geographically confused:

I have always enjoyed this stately manor on Wellington Crescent; today it's an upscale restaurant:

Riverside homes blending into the flooded bush:

Nifty ol' school around the corner from where Neil Young went to high school:

A couple stale monoliths on Wellington Avenue:

And there ya have it, kids! Soon I will cover the trendy shopping area of Academy Road, and our popular Corydon Avenue, which is the city's "Little Italy" district, though it's quickly becoming our Little Japan....
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Old Posted Apr 14, 2011, 12:44 AM
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love it ALL!
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Old Posted Apr 23, 2011, 10:38 PM
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It's been a bit dismal out lately, and cloudier than your future. Nevertheless, I still take the odd brief jaunt around to snap pics here and there. And do cartwheels. Here's a couple more from around the centre this month....

It was in a riverfront park near here that I first learned never to mix LSD and lawn darts:

I can't wait until summer so I can discover how little there is to do downtown in warmer weather:

The foreground displays the Ministry of Dishonest Circus Performers. The backdrop is the Winnipeg Foundation for Blue and Grey Buildings, and includes a famous elevator called the Winnipeg Elevator that you can only ride in when you're in Winnipeg:

'Round my pad:

South of downtown in Osborne Village, near the intersection of Gentrification St. and Yuppie Ave.:

The other side of the street, if you're into that sort of thing:

Movie Village has perhaps the planet's best selection of everything, and I hope that they don't get trampled and rendered obsolete in an age of technology:

This shot reminds me of Montreal, but without a sassy byrd on a bicycle wearing a bright toque:
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Old Posted May 15, 2011, 9:24 PM
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A bit more central Winnipeg: May, 2011

Here's the Manitoba Legislative Building, perhaps one of the most impressive structures in the city:

I'm a born again Christian Bale:

Bit o'tha Exchange District:

We're still a bit flooded around here:

Nice to see some infil in the central 'hoods; this is in St. Boniface:

A couple shots looking west across the Red:

Best viewed in 3D:

Pig pictures are sometimes good:

I had to step over six corpses to get this shot. Homicide Season is upon us:

St. Boniface Cathedral, or what's left of it post - fire:

For those weak in the French language, this says "Inquire Inside About Cake:"

This would surely be more spooky at night:

The oldest couple I noticed were from the 1830s, but there are older stones that cannot be read in the present day due to erosion:

The foreground shows the much anticipated construction of the Centre of the Study of Studies:

Obligatory shot:

I should really check to see if that revolving tower gig is on again; if the lounge has re-opened I should snaps some aerials whilst sipping an overpriced pint. The last time I was up there the windows were dirtier than your sister:

This is about as urban as we get:

A portion of the St. Boniface mega Hospital:

Some St. Boniface (east across the Red from Downtown; the cities historic French area) from a parking garage:


Some of the western portion of the St. Boniface Hospital:

Downtown from the southeast-ish:

Well, it could have been worse:


Little more St. Boniface:

This space has been rented to promote the group Deep Purple:

One day I will embark upon an adventure on the rails:

Some history:

Ye Olde Wall:

Our bland downtown was fairly dead on this gorgeous day:

Some East Broadway:

In the words of a geek from the beginning of Wayne's World 2, "Isn't it cool to be downtown?"

And like a fool I followed the arrow, just hoping:

And there you go. Thanks for your time. I'm headed into a hot shower with a cold brew. It's truly the only way to bathe.
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Old Posted Jun 5, 2011, 10:38 PM
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Greetings, fellow urban geeks. It was splendid outside this Sunday, and I initially thought that I was too busy to go for a brief photo tour; I had planned to focus on growing my beard, smoking hash, and listening to Jane`s Addiction. Upon reflection, however, I thought that my countless fans would appreciate a taste of the most important, glorious, cultured, fashionable, wealthy, attractive, famous, high tech, educated, safe, tropical, and modern city in the world: Winnipeg.

Side Note: I noticed today that when I try to post certain punctuation it turns out poorly; like when I try to write WINNIPEG`S or Y`ALL. It`s strange, and I apologize if some punctuation seems weird. I`ll try to re-learn how to use this forum properly, and to eliminate these errors.

Anyways, I loaded up some rock`n`roll, melted some hash, and embarked upon what was soon to become the 894th best day of my life:

This is downtown from the west; the castle - like building is part of the main campus of the University of Winnipeg:

I wish the city would remove all the images of my uncle Biff. It`s unsettling:

The highly fortified Winnipeg Candy Works:

Part of the UofW campus. I spent my last year of undergrad studies here, and let me tell ya, those 365 days were the best I ever had all year long:

This is what it feels like to stand on a meridian looking east towards Portage and Main:

This is about as advanced as our current public transit gets, however construction is currently underway on a Bus Rapid Transit line running from downtown to - eventually - the southern University of Manitoba, and this line will include a new bridge and tunnel:

More UofW:

The right displays the Buhler Building, which is a UofW facility; the left scene is of the Investors Group, the headquarters of Canada`s largest insurance company:

S`more Buhler:

Part of a downtown Mennonite university campus; there`s a lot of Mennonites here, and only some of them wear plaid:

I think you will agree that the Winnipeg Art Gallery kicks ass:

A good year for music. Just sayin`:

A relatively artistic shot tucked in amongst my shitty ones:

Officially known as Tha Peg City Book Lernin`Place:

I have fantasies about each and every last downtown surface area parking lot:

I hope you are enjoying this rookie tour so far:

Damn, there`s potential here:

A typical bluegrass joint:

After 16 years, we have a premium league again:

This is a bunk and blurry shot, but if you don`t think Batman hangs out here, I challenge you to spend a night of thievery and crime here:

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights, which is difficult to spell when you`re drunk, will be 100% complete and functional by 2013 at the latest, which in common Winnipeg dialect means 2094:

The ceiling of our monumental train station. It always looks as if it wants to eat you:

We need a couple more building without flat tops:

The keen eye will spot 17 lemurs here:

Maybe not the greatest shot, by my attempt to display an active transport lane along the northern shore of the Assiniboine River:

There is a sniper in one of these buildings. Scroll down quickly!

A chunk of downtown I`m not sure why I bothered to capture:

Looking west upon the Assiniboine River:

Some more of downtown:

There are roughly 12.6 million buildings like this in Winnipeg:

I like this fella:

A new one in the Village:


Osborne Village:

Gay Pride at the Forks:


More downtown UofW:

More pride jazz:
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Old Posted Jun 6, 2011, 7:06 PM
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thanks for the pics!
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Old Posted Jun 16, 2011, 10:07 PM
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Some urban delight:

Freight is great:

As close as I could get to the shore due to flooding:

Lookin' northish:

Trying to make downtown look dense is like trying to find a sparse angle in Chicago's Loop:


Rivers are nifty:

I've always dug this fella:

We need cooler street lamps:

Lil' path south of the core:

I wish there was a higher vantage point in this city than speed bumps:

This lil' diddy's called Peg City Pretty:

Thank y'all for browsing.
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Old Posted Jun 24, 2011, 2:30 AM
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Winnipeg is an amazing city and feels much bigger than it's just 750k metro.
It is an arts, cultural, political, mecca where individual thought is encouraged. Fantastic architecture, friendly and interesting people, liberal, welcoming, colourful, historic..................The old Peg is a real gem.
Winnipeg really is too cool for words.
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Old Posted Jun 28, 2011, 5:18 AM
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I completely dig and appreciate your comments! I moved here out of the blue one year, without ever having set foot in Winnipeg before. I didn't come for school or work or a woman. I had simply heard that it was a cool place with a nice vibe, and a solid art scene. Some claim it hosts the most impressive local music scene in the country.

At any rate, I did move here, and I have been a resident for about five years now. There are things that anger me about local politics and developments, but, overall I feel enthusiastic about the merto's future. Thanks again for your musings on my adopted home. I am always happy when people find beauty within my beginner's attempt at photography.
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Old Posted Jul 27, 2011, 9:04 PM
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Hilarious captions, some very nice pictures!
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Old Posted Aug 1, 2011, 8:13 PM
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Thanks again for the comments and general interest in my little city. Today I had planned a jaunt into the North End to snap some history, but it was pretty muggy out, so I only made it as far as downtown. This area has been included in this thread in the past, but these few most recent shots were all taken today. I avoided photography at the Forks, 'cause I don't like to feel like a tourist in my own town. Word.

A new addition to the Manitoba Children's Museum:

An angle of our newest bridge that I particularly enjoy:

I dig these fellas:

Our new human wrongs museum is going to be roughly the size of Boise:

Look at all them purdy autos. So very tiny:

Yeah, you've seen this view before. But once you're around there with a camera, snapping a shot is kinda obligatory:

Case in point:

One more and we're done with that jazz:

East of Portage and Main:

Interesting lil' walkway:

It was a national holiday, and quiet out. Plus, all the ladies were following me from behind, trying to please me by staying out of the way of my camera:

About as dense as Tulsa, but not as dense as Rush Limbaugh:

A sliver of the East Exchange District. My pals just rented a jam space on the top floor of the building in the right foreground; I'll be up there avec camera soon:

A slice of life behind Main Street:

Some obscure underdeveloped location I am wasting your time with for no apparent reason:

Whoever doesn't appreciate this shot, especially after those last few shitty ones, will fall victim to my bloody purge:

I'll leave you with this, a photograph once praised by Hustler for it's crisp lighting, yet panned by National Geographic for its lack of nudity:

Thanks again for lookin'. I'll see you in the future. When they have flying cars.
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Old Posted Aug 1, 2011, 11:14 PM
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nice dude and hah i see my work

club nutz left hand smaller one les.net

from near my desk
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