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Old Posted Sep 5, 2011, 1:15 AM
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Chapter 19.6 - Stoned Sunday Stroll

During my delightful jaunt today I happened upon some fashion of ethnic celebration in a downtown park. I assume this is the annual Polish Catholic Fest:

They're doing a nifty facade revamp on the East Broadway Faniuel / Inspyre building:

Downtown street life on a Sunday! Tell your friends!

Re-clad is the fad:

Our slowly improving downtown:

Finally some restoration; I believe this gem is soon to be a tacky gentrified live dinner theater / lounge:

Another good sign of development in a previously unused structure on Portage Avenue, in the heart of the financial district. This is the Avenue Building, and shall soon become nifty lofts:

Yes, I have probably posted a few shots of this street before. What can I say? I like it for some reason. If you don't dig it, you're probably a narcoleptic fascist with a peg leg and scurvy:

A sleepy Portage Avenue, if you're into that sort of thing:

Nice lil' patch near City Hall:

Some Main Street [in]action:

This is a section of central Main Street that has undergone aggressive restoration and development, yet still suffers from concentrated poverty, violence, and addiction:

This is Higgins and Main. This area is perhaps the epicenter of Winnipeg's street level opiate trade, and the effects of hard drug use and the resulting social ills are evident everywhere:

This old crumbling overpass has always reminded me of something one would find in the outer 'hoods of Paris:

This is the Thunderbird House, an official aboriginal sweat lodge designed by a renowned architect to enhance a blighted area. Unfortunately today its grounds serve as makeshift beds, and a dumping ground for methadone bottles, pill bottles, and booze bottles. Basically bodies and bottles, and it's sad to see. I tried to avoid 'people' shots at the risk of making people uncomfortable or angered; I don't want to treat fellow citizens as creatures in a zoo exhibit:

Around the corner we see the final stages of construction for a youth outreach centre:

Across the street from Thunderbird House:

Winnipeg's Chinatown is similar to the downtown proper in that it is hilariously vast, spread out, and at times eerie and ghostly:

This reads "Please finish the green paint job above:"

Mormon Temple:

To foreigners: I hope this doesn't ruin your image of a squeaky clean, happy Canada. To Canucks: I hope this doesn't reinforce your image of Winnipeg as a desolate wasteland:

If this is able to attract Chinese folk to the area, I'm excited at the prospect of a more vibrant Chinatown, and a busier, livelier, and safer hub of downtown:

Stumbling upon scenes like this gives me hope for the future of some of our most neglected areas:

There's potential here, folks:

I know the power lines in this frame take away from the shot, but I got busted after only clipping two of them:

The House That Love Built. Well, Love and money:

This is what is going to happen to all of our gas stations across this great land if we don't invade Iran. Oh, and Syria. And the UAE. And maybe Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Be part of the solution! Join the Conservatives today!

This house has Fraggles living in it. I just have a feeling:

The tourist map I bought had this marked as Oprah's house. There goes eight bucks down the drain:

Though it also said this was Ted Nugent's house, which is entirely believable:

From the outdoor holding cell shortly after I was arrested for impersonating a mime:

Bench avec shoes:

Peekin' into the North End:

A home that would be worth a lot more had the area not turned into Canada's purgatory:

I would tell you how old this structure is if I could be bothered to look it up:

I can dig it:

Inner City Living:

This street is old, and was reputedly once so beautiful that Moses once exclaimed "Well fuck me pink, this is the best god damned street on the continent!" True story:

A stately something:

Here we see the area several blocks west of our amazing Exchange District. It may take a couple decades to fully realize the potential of this inner city 'hood:

Looking South into the University of Winnipeg Lemur - Protected Zone:

An area I have rarely explored:

Perhaps one day I'll check up on Kay:

People (including my psychiatrist and four federal judges) say I'm fucking crazy, but to me it's things like this that make Winnipeg cool:

Here's one for the children:

I enjoy this. Pittsburghish, in a strange way:

The Mongolian Embassy:

This reminds me of some set from 'The Sting:'

This is good:

If Del could only be here today to see the neglect:

This area is defined by Britannica Encyclopedia as "the ass end of the most ludicrous intersection in North America:"

The Jimmy James Building:

The Nor'Western hub of the ol' downtown:

Imagine the hilarity when I stumbled upon a promo poster for the upcoming adult film starring myself and your sister:

Looks like a storms a comin' Marge:

I walked up a little hill in a new urban park to take this shot and smoke some hash, when a gentleman nearly insisted that I put my pipe away. We parted as friends after I assured him that my hash was made in Canada:

Batman stays here when in town:

The western fringe of downtown:

Redundant as a pundit ejaculating lies:

This is an exact replica of a photograph I took today:

Downtown, or 'Hell,' as the locals refer to it:


I enjoy this:

In a few short weeks there will be no leaves left on the trees, and I will blame you:

Well, it could be worse:

One of those shots I'm not sure as to why I took it:

Perhaps better suited for Vancouver, but hey, if it's over five stories, we'll take it:

Peg City Gritty Ain't Always Pretty:

My garage:

Lookin' east on Portage Avenue:

This brings back fond memories of my days at UofW. Just kidding. I don't have any memories of my days at UofW. Except for the gals I slept with. But that's a story for when you're older:

At least they're not pink:

More University of Winnipeg:

This building also exists. Now you know:

Well, it's been nifty. Thanks for taking the time to view these pictures; I spent it hitting on your girlfriend.

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