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Originally Posted by Bdog View Post
What does that say about Downtown if that's the case?
For someone with drug or alcohol issues, sure downtown is going to offer more temptation and opportunity for relapse than being out in the burbs, regardless of the city you're in. But it really rubs me the wrong way how so many chiefs will throw Winnipeg under the bus when trying to lay blame on anyone but themselves for the social problems that exist in their communities. There are already addictions and drug trade on-reserve, whether you want to admit that or not. It's not like people who have never touched a drop check into the Marlborough and go on their very first bender. What does happen pretty frequently is people who have unchecked substance abuse issues, get them into big trouble when they are suddenly thrown into a city full of other people, cops, etc. You can go on a bender for a week in your house up in the northern MB wilderness and nobody notices. You do it on the streets of downtown Winnipeg and it leads to issues. Then the same old refrain from the chiefs that it was evil Winnipeg that corrupted their people...

Tina Fontaine is a great case in point. Her terrible story concluded in Winnipeg but it was mostly the turmoil in her family life, back home on the reserve, that contributed to why she ended up there. But the narrative for many FN people is "See, bad things happen to our people when they go to Winnipeg."
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