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Originally Posted by Bdog View Post
What does that say about Downtown if that's the case?
Absolutely nothing.

The Canadian Government has taken the position that two wrongs make a right. The Government did terrible things to the Native population for 100 years. However, since the mid 90s, the Government's answer to reconciliation is to throw money at the Native community, and tell them over and over that they were victims of past injustices.

That is all well, but there comes a point in time where the Native community has to stop living in the past and blaming their current struggles against the powers that be. It's been proven that people who forgive, and take personal accountability for the or their families actions are more successful in life.

Enough with the BS victim culture. Most people have suffered hardships in life to a varying degree. We can either sit around poor and miserable, and blame others for past injustices. Or we can forgive, reach out and heal, and prosper. The World needs more Brian Bowmans and Kevin Chiefs, and less of the Nahanni Fontaines.

To my original point: The Chiefs are being ridiculous. People who are prone to addictions and gangs will find a way to gravitate to that lifestyle, whether they are in Downtown or Tuxedo.
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