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The Bombers screwed Manitoba out of $200+ million for a sub-par facility built for a 3rd-rate minor-league football club that hasn't done much of anything right (on or OFF the field) since basically the 1980's in the south end of Winnipeg that's used maybe 15-20 times a year and few of us will ever set foot in. And few people raise a fuss about it. (even though everyone should be)

The Goldeyes are one of the most successful independent baseball clubs in North America that play out of a fantastic ballpark (that still holds up quite well 20 years later) in a great location and great prices (tix start at $11.00/game). None of you knew what Katz was paying before (or if you did, you didn't care), but now that this new development w/ the lease renewal is in the papers, some of you people are screaming "He should pay more!! Arrrgh! Grr! Katz is a crook! I hate him!"


I hate Winnipegger's sometimes. Soooo ignorant....
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